Trilobed rangoli

Lata Mon, 12/18/2006 - 22:40

Lata, This kolam made me stare at it for a longer time.Somewhere some thing different!.Oh finally I located the small line turning its face in opposite side with a chella kobam. Can others find it before Lataji corrects it?.
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Judy and Radha, thank so much for noticing this kolam! :) Rajam madam, I can see the mistake now, and, I can't thank you enough for staring at this for a long time. I guess ikolam didn't discover Rajamma madam back in 2006! :) I don't remember where I saved the proper files for this design, to make the correction. I would do it though, eventually (got some digging to do). :)
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Lata, small correction. rajam didnot discover ikolam in 2006. I used to put big big kolams infront of my old house, did not take any potos to preserve an present it to ikolam lovers since I didnot discover this Golden site at that time.
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Thank you for your comment, as well as your email Ms.Bhuveneshwari. If you would like to see other designs in the same dot grid, visit here:
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