The inspiration kolam of Part 4 of Mr.mOhanaji's story

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About The inspiration kolam of Part 4 of Mr.mOhanaji's story:

All along I was postponing to draw the easy methods of this kolam.
mOhanaji, I am thrilled to see this pattern finding a place in your wonderful story.
In chennai meet, I did not get time to explain.
Anirudhji, sorry for the delay in giving the details.
There are 2 ways to draw.First put 16 dots in a circular design.
1)After each dot put 3 small lines. The dot and the 3 lines next to it make one set or group.Then start from any one dot join it in a semi circular way in the inner circle to the third line in the following set( leaving inbetween 2 sets.
Then from there continue drawing a small outer semicircle joining it to the dot starting after 2 sets. Repeat this inner, outer curves alternatively till u come to the starting point . If u read this seeing the picture it will be clear.Then putting 3 more parellel lines connecting the left out dots/ lines are easy.
This method gives perfect symmetry.

2)Here no need to explain. Draw eight lines without touching the dots. Then join each lines outside in semi circle to the other line leaving 3 dots in between.Once the main design is completed draw the extra parellel lines.

I do not know whether it is clear. Ask if any doubt.
For me it was a challenge when my sister asked me to try this.

Freehand Rangoli
Dotted kolam
Rangoli: The inspiration kolam of Part 4 of Mr.mOhanaji's story


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so nice of you have made it very clear with nice illustration.
no problems for making it late ....सभर का फल मिटा होता है Smile ....thanks for sharing. ...waiting for many more such ideas to make rangolis easier Smile

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appada finally. Thanks a ton Rajamma Smile

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Thanks u so much rajammaji.

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Nice illustration!

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very nice rajamma madam.Isaw it just now.very interesting and clear illustration.I will be very thankful to you if you show me this kind of illustration to your resent kolam "sqare kolam".Thank you.