Terrece kolam

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This one also wet rice maavu kolam, free hand design.The kaavi color powder comes handy for decorations.
Since the terrece has slight slop even wet maavu tries to run away from the kolam. wind and rain have the competition to taste it, but what to do only in terrece I have the space to draw big kolams.

Rangoli: Terrece kolam


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Nice Makkolam. The floor colour is very well supporting & giving a good look to your kolam. Thanx for sharing

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beautiful design in maakolam rajamma mam...i admire ur patience to put those red dots...he he...

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Wow, Kalakkitenga madam! Very nice kolam, entha kaviyum, photo editing like the previous kolam or real kavi!.

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Excellent maa kolam,mam

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Excellent and marvellous. Other than this no words with me to express the kolam.

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As beautiful as a spotted bobcat. Smile
(Space is provided).

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Rajam only you can give us something like this - lovely design and decorations Smile

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very nice maa kolam rajamma ji.

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Pretty design and kolam.. Lovely frills, curves on the border and kaavi enriches the treat...

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Rajamma mam
unga kolam yellamey romba azhagu.maa kolathil kavi koduthu romba porumayaga kaviyil dot vaithadu nalla irukku.vunga veetu floor maa kolathai palichunu kattugiradu. nice design

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neat wk,, nowadays ur passion on red and white has increased 2 much,,

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The inverted inner design in the outer border or vise versa gives good complimentary look to the kolam. Only You can design like this, Rajam! Very pretty with red dots.

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Rajamma maam loved this freehand design.. the kaavi pulli which you have used enhances the beauty of this kolam

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Oh, I never thought this kolam will bring so many nice comments. Thanks for all. Brindha, glad that u noticed the inverted design special in this kolam. Its my own design and wanted to fill the inner design also with kaavi lines but last minute changed to fill by dots. Now only I also realised that the floor color is helping me to present kolam nicely Umaji,.Had lots of wet maavu in the fridge , so still stock is over will continue this white/red kolam.

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Nithya, I didnot do any kaavi filling in PC . It is real only. Can you see my grandson's cycle mark running across the kolam?

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very attractive design maakolam Rajam."pottu vaiththa oru vatta kolam, adhil nenjai thottu vitta vanna kolam"

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Nice design and as usual masterfully drawn. The colour of the floor adds an exrta dimension to merge nicely with the other colours.

Regards! - mOhana

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Rajammaji... i love this maakolam... very beautifully drawn..-Indira Sundar

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very nice kolam mam..i liked it a lot.keep up the work. Smile