Rangoli homework - 1

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Hi everybody,

Here is a dotted kolam from the link given below (a kolam by Rajam madam).


This inspiration dotted kolam has been assigned by iKolam to our frequent member-friends, to try and upload a colored version during this weekend (April 25 and 26).
Let's have some fun with this theme; same pattern but different colors, created by different hands.
Rangoli dotted rangoli: Rangoli homework by admin

Dotted Kolam (connected dots)
dotted rangoli
9 to 5 interlaced dots
Rangoli: Rangoli homework - 1


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We can't wait to see your designs! :bigsmile: :love:
If we get at least 5 designs, we should have this homework assignment may be once a month?
What do you artists say? Wink

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Good homework and a great initiative too...Go ahead... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Should the same to be colored or anything can be added to it to make it look grand....pls inform us.... Smile Smile Smile

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The base design (dotted pattern) is required. Any other embellishment is your choice...create and extend it to your heart's content. I can't wait to see your's! Smile

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Turbo speed.chanceless...how fast u have posted a reply????Thanks a lot...

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Very beautiful design :love: