Rangoli - Diwali (contest entry_49)

This is different.. what have you made it with. Can you pl. share. :)
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Hei, This is one of my favorite kolam! I wonder whether you have used the normal rangoli powder or something else! Please let's know!
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diffrent , yet charming and beautiful.
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I think it is made of wool, good selection.
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This is so beautiful, perfect symmetry!
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very nice and neat...looks like nagamandala has been transformed. nice adaption
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Hello All, Thank you so much for all your inputs. I have participated in iKolam for the first time and feeling really motivated. As Latha has mentioned, I have used Rock / Crystal salt mixed with Rangoli colours and the brown on the four edges is the Ragi. Thank you all, Regards, Yashoda Shivashankar
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Do you know? This is a famous pattern. If you take out the top node and make it as the head and tail of a serpent, this becomes nAgabandha, a pattern used in prosody (ChaMdassu)! Poems are written in this pattern. Where two lines cross, there the letter must be the same for two lines of the poem (like in crossword puzzles). Good! - mOhana
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Hi Mohana, Your comment tells me that you know quite a lot about these kind of unique art patterns. I've seen the serpent patterns that you've mentioned in books and I hope to draw them in the site one day...until then, I'll enjoy reading more from your end...please :)
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Dear Yashoda Thanx for sharing the experience! I thought yours will definitely win a prize! Anyways, participation is most important.
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Excellent - you must draw it out first - seems like you could get mixed up pretty easily.
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we can have this for saree designing
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sapna kamboj
plz tell me wat type of colours hv u used nd hw did u draw it
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simple pattern beautiful colour combination.
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i have recently joined in ikolam. I like this kolam a lot. Very beautiful. please can u give the base structure (dots) of this kolam and wat colors have been used? It is very pretty.
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