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This is a dotted rangoli, dots for this rangoli is 21x11 in between dots, and some free hand design also drawn.

Rangoli: Rangoli


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Nice extended pakarkai kolam. So many details inside each pakarkai? Smile
That vegetable doesn't seem so bitter after taking a look at this version Smile

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Lata,thanx PAKARKAI.. in which language?? as for i know in telugu it is known as KAKARAKAI,in kannada it is known as HAGALAKAI,in tamil it is known as PAVAKAI.....
reading ur comment shall try and confirm the bitterness!!

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Pakarkai is the way it is written in Tamil, and Pavakkai is the commonly used spoken version of the bittergourd vegetable. In Hindi, it is called Karelaa.


Thank you for giving me the Telugu and the Kannada words for the same.

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ohoo!!! thank u so much lata.

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We have a theory. Take a Tamil word, substitute ha for pa. It becomes a kannaDa
word. pAgarkAy becomes hAgalakAyi, pAl becomes hAlu. In old kannaDa, words
retained the pa letter. In classical poetry, words like peN were used in kannaDa
also. Some people are fond of the bitterness, but not I. I used to like the
very small variety which is not available here in the US. Regards! - mOhana

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mOhanaji good theory... thank u

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Lakshmi , I like this Pakarkai kolam. Its one of my favourite. the vegetable also I like it. The outer design also looks like the cut cross section with the seeds!

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Rajamma madam, thank u very much

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Lakshmi, i think this is sweet Pakarkai ..??? looking so nice..

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Wow!! new name??thank u