Multipetal kolam

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Hridhaya Kamalam Design kolam with dots.Dots kept in straight lines on all the directions of the inner circle
This design is copied from an old Tamil magazine.I didnot do any decoration since I want you all only to enjoy the weaving pattern of the design. I have used only 2 colours. It took some time ( 2 hrs ) to keep the dots and to draw the thin lines connecting them properly. Just tried Adobe Photoshop to give a mosaic floor effect. Wink Hope you will enjoy it.

Rangoli: Multipetal kolam


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Wow Rajamma maam as always a beauty... I remember Jayanthi maam's work... it always wanted to try this out... it would have been nice if you had uploaded only the dots version also as you know I am so bad at understanding things, stupid me |( |(

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Wow look really nice mam looks like a woven hridhaya Kamalam Smile what is the dot count for this kolam which will help me to try this as a homework for me Smile

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Srividya, Nice to learn that you are interested in learning this type of kolam. The dot count is, in the innner circle 5 straight dots in 16 rays. In the outer ring again 5 dots starting from the circle in 32 rays/ directins.All the best. Smile

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I like this kolam very much Rajamma mam. I too have tried to draw this type of kolam but have always failed Sad I too request you to upload the dotted version, it will be of immense help to learn this pattern.
Eventhough you have mentioned the dot count i am unable to get on it.

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Awesome pattern rajamma mam...shall try as per ur tips...thanks a lot for sharing Smile

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Wow...Stunned by the perfection of this kolam. Kolam reflects the time consumed by you!!! Thanks for sharing a masterpiece like this mam. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Wow! Beautiful design.

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I too stunned with the masterpiece mam, ..... Thanks for sharing, happy to be a member with such masters. Thanks Lata and ikolam.. :star: :star:

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super-o-super aunty Smile Smile i will help mom in putting those round with chalk... Smile Smile

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wow....wonderful complex hrudaya kamalam. i think i can try only on PC or with chalk, drawing with powder needs lots of patience :-)...thanks for all the details

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Excellent work Rajamma. Hats off to your great efforts.

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Rajam, I saw the pencil sketch of this kolam when I visited you last time. I was just waiting to see how it comes out in ikolam with make-up!
Hats off!