Preeti.N's Geometric kolam in kolapodi.

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About Preeti.N's Geometric kolam in kolapodi. : PRINT

Thank you Preeti, for giving this design and the idea to try this with kolapodi.( So Like Lata and Anantharajam, I decided to play with kolapodi) It was not that easy to copy. 1st I put it in paper and colored with color pencil, referring ur site frequently. Then reproduced it on the granite slab.This 3-D, Three-Idiots took 2 days (nearly 4 hours ) for me to complete it. I used the same colors like Preeti to get the same effect.Now I can smile at them with my back pain. I really really want a COMMENT(+ or -) from ALL of you!!

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Preeti.N's Geometric kolam in kolapodi.


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Kan paarthadhai kai seyyum. 1derful 3D effect chithi. Orange shades steals the show. Paarthaale idhil pottirukkum effort theriyudhu. Very complicated design excecuted very well. [whats the exchange between u and Preeti?]

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wow!!!!! no words to comment.superb creation!!!!!
"Nizhal Nijamakirathu" Enpathu Ithu thaanaaaa???

Nizhalai padaitha Preeti kku nantri..
Nijamakkiya Rajamma mam kku nantri....
Irandu kolangalaiyum Engalukkaka pdadaitha Lata Avarkalukku

Kodi kodi nantri.....


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mam no words to say such a superb work mam. hope your back pain is now ok.

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AWESOME _ chithi, this was the comment from Katrix.

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Aunty very super kolam.And its very difficult dotted kolam.excellent.

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Rajammaji, Superb effect with kolapodi. It doesn't look like kolapodi at all. Hats off to your interest in kolams and efforts you take. I like the parrot green and orange very much. These 3-idiots made us enjoy.

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no words!

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It is really a compliment to Preeti that you did her design with kolapodi.

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Wow Wonderful 3D creation Rajammaji ! How could you draw it? Any dot count?

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Wow aunty! This is perfect. The texture of kola-podi adds so much beauty. I can't think of a greater compliment than this Smile Thank you so much aunty:) This is a big inspiration for me keep trying new and different designs. I hope your back pain is okay now Smile

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AWESOME Rajamma maam ... while viewing the thumbnail I thought the design is being repeated never realized you replicated it and to such an amazing extent... hats off to you maam.. how I wish I could be even as half talented as you are... hope your backpain is alright with the wonderful balm (comments) all ikolam members have given you.. frankly I am speechless.. the texture of kolapodi used to create the 3D effect is really amazing..

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Rajammaji,Wow Wonderful 3D creation !!!hats off to ur patience..yes brindh i also like the orange and green colours...awesome Rajammaji...hope your backpain is alright !!!

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gr8 work
the 3D effect has come out very nicely
waiting to see ur next creation

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rombavum nalla irukku.

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It just looks like solid blocks fixed together, awesome 3D effect. U've created the same colors that preethi had given using color pencils, and that truly amazing.

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Very well drawn rAjammAjI! prItIji must be happy. It is always a joy to see ones original rangOli drawn by another. This is perhaps the ultimate tribute one artist pays another.

Regards! - mOhana

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Rajamma maam, excellent work, ALL IS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!! THE KOLAM TOO IS VERY NEATLY DRAWN . THIS IS REALLY A GREAT JOB .

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wow...this is awesome....well executed in real rajammaji, another masterpiece. at first look does not gives the feeling as its made of color powder, looks like a real structure built up.

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Seriously i thought its a design in carpet or could be some embroidery.. excellent work.. hats off to u rajammaji!!!

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Excellent hord work.

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Copying somebody's work is indeed a tribute to the original creator.Giving credit to the original is very very important. So 50% of credit goes to Preeti. She drew this wonderful design and gave the dot count also, to make it easy for me to do the copycat work.But I really enjoyed copying this. Thank you one and all for expressing your nice views about this.( Still awaiting the great commentators'... Judy and Subashini... comments)

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Mam.. no words to parise.. its superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!

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wowwwww.... amazing .... it doesnt look like a real one... i thought its done on photoshop.... very neat .... well done

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yenna solla rajam?idhu kolamdhanaa? illai kuzhandaigal vilayadum blogs vaiththu saidhadha ?anubavam pudumai avaridam kanden.andha colorgalum designum yenna solli paarattuvadhu yendru evvaLavu neram yosithum theriyavayillai.idhu vungaLal mattumdhaan mudiyum.Hats off to you genius.varaindheergala saidheergala?Neengal podum kolam paarthu viyandhirukkiren.Aanaal idhu yedho mandhirathil varavazhaitha porul pol adhisiya pada vaikiradhu.very very thanks to preethi and you.niraya yedho solla vayndum pol irukkiradhu.aanaal marupadi marupadi adhisiyamai paarpadhai thavira vayreduvum solla thondra villai.

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aaa!marandhu vitten.mudhugu vali yeppadi irukkiradhu?pl take care.

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Lata can I share some space on that cloud of yours - I seem to be floating at the moment too?? Oh my God!! What a masterpiece this is Rajam?? Hats off to your patience and perseverance. In spite of all the backaches you have, your love for the art has been expressed LOUD AND CLEAR. Excellent symmetry in all aspects - colouring is superb Smile

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Rajammaji,Wow Wonderful 3D creation !!! well executed, a masterpiece...

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ராஜம், அப்படியே மானசீகமா உனக்கு ஒரு நமஸ்காரம் பண்ணிக்கறேன்! வேற என்ன சொல்ல? நான் உன் தங்கை என்று சொல்லிக்கொள்ள பெருமை படுகிறேன்!

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Wow! The comment of the MONTH!! Smile

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wow lovely work.

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this is amazing!

I have not been on Ikolam for a few days and I am so happy to be online again 'cuz i have exams.
I am happy to be online and I will be online if my motner allows.


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என்னடா எல்லாரும் கம்மென்ட் அடிச்சாங்க, நம்ம தங்கை பாக்கவே இல்லையே என்று யோசனை பண்ணினப்போ இப்படி ஒரு நமஸ்காரம் பண்ணி ஆச்சரிய பட வெச்சிட்டே.புகழ்ச்சிலே உச்சி குளுந்து போச்சு.சரி போ ,பாட்டியனதுக்கும் சேர்த்து என் ஆசிர்வாதங்கள் .


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wow! the kolam is so.....beautiful!

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OMG how did i miss this?. Excellent work Rajammaji. No words to express.

v2k's picture a big wooooooooooooooooooooow