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  • 3d kolam
Created by anithaprasannasc on 2019-10-11,

This is quilt design tried using Rangoli powder

Created by Anuradha Kamalakannan on 2018-11-15,

Hi friends.. This is a 3d rangoli of Krishna with a outer ring of flowers made using spoon technique..I have drawn this on 9th Hindu Spiritual and Service fair at Velachery on 23.1.2018.

Rangoli: 3D Kolam
Created by Sivashri on 2015-02-11,

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: 3D Kolam by Sivashri

Rangoli: pongal special
Created by malarvizhi 14 on 2015-02-10,

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: pongal special by malarvizhi 14

Rangoli: 3d Kolam
Created by Manimala Gopal on 2014-11-05,

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: 3d Kolam by Manimala Gopal

Rangoli: 3d Kolam
Created by Agiri on 2013-04-07,

3d Kolam by Amudha Giri

Rangoli: Dotted 3D kolam
Created by aarchi on 2012-08-25,

Friends I saw this kolam in one of the Mylapore festival tried recently. Your views please

Rangoli: Celtic Rangoli for St.Patrick's day
Created by Lata on 2010-03-17,

A Celtic clover rangoli made for St.Patrick's day. I'm dressed in green today (see my picture?).

If you're not wearing green today, I'm going to pinch you (doesn't matter if you are Irish or not). Smile

Rangoli: Preeti.N's Geometric kolam in kolapodi.
Created by rajamma_2 on 2010-03-15,

Thank you Preeti, for giving this design and the idea to try this with kolapodi.( So Like Lata and Anantharajam, I decided to play with kolapodi) It was not that easy to copy. 1st I put it in paper and colored with color pencil, referring ur site frequently. Then reproduced it on the granite slab.This 3-D, Three-Idiots took 2 days (nearly 4 hours ) for me to complete it. I used the same colors like Preeti to get the same effect.Now I can smile at them with my back pain. I really really want a COMMENT(+ or -) from ALL of you!!

Rangoli: 3d kolam
Created by aparna ashokkumar on 2009-09-12,

I think this title is suitable for this kolam.This is a free hand kolam.