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hi, i am new to this ikolam and this blog is amazing. i also would like to share some of my kolams with u all.i have a collection of padi kolams.in our village near kanyakumari we call this padi kolams as kanya kolams.just see the one iam uploading and pl. leave ur comments.thank u

Kanya Kolam
Rangoli: Pongal padi kolam


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Welcome to ikolam! Smile

Glad to know you like our site. Your beautiful Kanya kolam is a lovely surprise for us especially since it has four pongal pots deeply burried within. Smile
Many of our members have asked the reason behind such patterns being called Kanya kolam. I would like to know if you know more about its name. Or did the name originate in Kanyakumari? Thank you for sharing this wonderful art here with all of us.

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Hi welcome ramhsudha....what a fantastic entry by u...awesome padikolam dear...here there r so many friends who luv padikolams including me...pl keep on sharing ur works either done on paper or on floor....

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Nice pattern, looking forward to more!

Theory number one - When sumangaLi pUja is performed, along with the sumangaLis, an unmarried girl (kanyA) is also seated. Generally everybody is seated on a wooden platform decorated with these type of rangOlis. Since kanyA is there, there is kanyA kOlam.

Theory number two - In olden days when marriages were performed, dowry was given to the bride (kanyASulkam), kOlam for the kanyA at the time of marriage when the dowry is offered.

Waiting for more theories. Regards! - mOhana

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Good to know. Somehow the word for girl -'kanya' never crossed my mind. Smile

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wow very nice! welcome to ikolam!

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welcome to ikolam, started with a beautiful kolam, awaiting for your submissions.

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Awesome dear .very cute design nice to know the theory behind this kanya kolam from our sir .Thank u rao sir

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wow!!moderan padi kolam looks very very beautiful...it has come out very nice..keep itup..waiting to see more and more...

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Welcome to I-Kolam Ram H Sudha. This padi kolam looks awesome dear. As Rani said, we all have a great passion for these type of traditional / padi / Kanya kolams. Please do share with us your lovely work, either done on a paper or on floor. Would love to see ur work done on floor too. Thanks for a new design.
Rao sir, thanks for your theories.

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Hi...welcome..Very pretty and neat looking padi/kanya kolam....looking forward to more designs from you.

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Nice design and a very different one. Very nice.
Even we call this Kanya kolam - I think this hails from Tirunelveli or Nagercoil as my parents belong to this place and they name padi kolams as Kanya kolam. But i never knew the reason behind this. Thanks Rao Sir for englighting the details of the same.

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thank u for all those who have commented about my padi/kanya kolam.sorry lata mam i don't know the reason or its origin.i also read rao sir's comment and learnt the reason.thank u sir.yet to post some more padi kolams