Pongal Rangoli

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My mother-in-law and I made this kolam during Pongal 2008.

Rangoli: Pongal Rangoli


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The most beautiful Pongal paanai I've ever seen! Looks like you made your pongal in the middle of a garden Brinda Smile

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Brindhanagesh,this rangoli has come up lively !!!!!!!looking more creations from ur side..

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Dear Latha,

I do not know how to make kolam but i am interested to do the same. so, kindly teach me to make kolam which is useful for me to put in front of my new & own house.


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Dear Friend,

I do not know how to make this kolam but i am interested to do the same.so, kindly tell me how many dots to make this kolam


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dear friend,

this is very super. Please send may mail id this kolam


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Thanks for the nice comments. I will add my other kolams in due course of time.

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coloring is very beauty....

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hi this very nice....
i dont know how 2 draw...so kindly teach me 2 make this kolam

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Brindha, just eagerly waiting to see the new colorful pongal paanai, flowers , sugarcane and tamarind etc just bought by you for this year. is your mother in law around to help you?

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I'm looking forward to all of our members' Pongal kolams Rajamma ma'am (yourself included)!

As for me, I'll have to settle for an "avasara" kolam and hurry to finish making the pongal, do puja and get it all done within 7.30am, in time to send my kids off to school! There are no Pongal holidays where I live (obviously), and no signs of Pongal to be seen anywhere the minute we step out of our house. Actually, this is how we celebrated Diwali too. Sometimes, I'm so torn between moving to India for good vs staying stuck here feeling sorry for myself Smile

It feels good to vent a little. Now, I can go back to my Bhogi cleanup jobs peacefully...where do I begin? Now where did I save her number? Oh yes, got it! "Hola, senora Cortez! Podria venir a mi casa para limpieza? Muchas gracias, bye".

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Lata ,Hola, senora Cortez! Podria venir a mi casa para limpieza? Muchas gracias, bye".
can u give the meaning for this ???we will creat rangoli for that theme!!!!!!!(hahaha)

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That was funny Lakshmi! Senora cortez means Mrs.Cortez, I was asking Mrs. Cortez to come over to my house to clean up (in Spanish). Mrs.Cortez is the lady who does my monthly house-clean up. And I wasn't kidding, I really did make the call in the middle of writing that comment, and Mrs. Cortez and her son Cody are in my house vacumming my rooms right now as I write this comment .
"Muchas gracias' - Thank you so much Mrs.Cortez!

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Lata, give me some time to create a theme in house keeping/cleaning up!!!!give me some more themes to create.

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Seriously! You mean you want to make kolams with cleaning tools like broomsticks and mops! That would be quite amusing Smile

I've some themes in mind that I haven't seen yet, and I'll write up about it soon.

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Very Nice Art Work.