dibbutn's picture

This is a dotted kolam with dot count 10 x 10, again kolapodi has been reused to make this kolam

Rangoli: Podikolam


vijaysowmya's picture

Very very pretty cotton flower kolam Pushpa with a nice chikku kolam in the middle....the shading looks very nice.

ammuchandhini's picture

Wow...this choco shade is so lovely push and thanks for such a lovely cotton flower kolam....

subashini's picture

lovely coloring and shading pushpa.

rajamma_2's picture

r Your cotton flower kolam is very cute. Even before reading the description, I guessed it is made of used kolapodi.10 marks for kolam and 10 marks for reusing the powder. So 20/10!!

Suguna Murugesan's picture

wow lovely pushpa! cotton flowers in chikku kolam is very nice! reused clour is awesome!-suguna murugesan

anirudh's picture

very pretty cotton flowers.....good re-use Smile

smahalakshmi's picture

Very lovely panchu poo kolam, Pushpa. The recycled colour has given a perfect 'tan' colour.


julien's picture

nice to see your paruthi poo... kolam with chikku kolammmm.. nice border too...

umaraja's picture

nice cotton flowers,, hope u r a fan of brown color push,,,,,,

veena manigandan's picture

Very nice - different colour shade.

jkmrao's picture

Looks like cotton to me Smile

Regards! - mOhana

Padma Prakash's picture

Lovely white flowers with brown stems Pushpa. I liked the borders very much done using finger(right?) .

BalaChandrasekaran's picture

hai push this magical beauty is soooooooooooooooo nice,esp your borders. this dream colour is sooooo niceda.

alameluranganath's picture

nice kolam