15 Step Golu in NJ

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About 15 Step Golu in NJ:

Here is our 15 step golu. We hope you enjoy the pictures

Golu contest 2010
Rangoli: 15 Step Golu in NJ


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Grand looking... golu is very neatl and beautiful.. but cannot enjoy full dolls of the golu... very beautiful
-Indira Sundar

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Wow, It is very grand! I wish the carpet was a rangoli!

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no words to express, very grand.

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Very very beautiful and nice arrangement. So many themes and colourful and grand.

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Absolutely grand and huge golu. The entire room looks so lovely, only wish we could see closer images of the dolls and details. This reminds me of my childhood whenmy neighbour used to make golu as big as this. We used to go to their house the previous week itself and help them take the dolls out, plan the different concepts, make all sorts of parks, railway tracks, roads, etc etc and it was such fun. Not a year goes by without me thinking of the wonderful golu I had been part of at Dr.Anantharaman's house with my friends Anandhi and Vasanthi (chellama known as Bhanu). Infact I am yet to see a golu as big as that one and today I have seen it here - thanks for taking me down memory lane and a very well done job here. All the best Smile

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brilliant effort. its great to see such a large collection under one roof. No doubt space may not be a constraint. The effort and interest taken is remarkable. The dolls if visible would make it even more interesting

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WoW, Its a breathtaking view to see a entire room decorated for Golu.. Though the dolls aren't seen to detail, still the neatness and the placement gives a grand look.. Good effort and my best wishes to you.
Have you invited your neigbours and friends?

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A very grand golu. So many dolls and themes......really superb...

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Fantastic and grand kolu. Very well arranged and simply beautiful. Great effort.

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your golu looks very grand. and the arrangement is very neat. I would like to see all the arrangements and themes closely. Can you please post close-up shots of the different parts of your golu?

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Very grand golu. Very well though off!

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Wow such an elaborate and beautiful golu... but then would hv loved to hv a closer look at the main golu

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excellent......all the best

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stunning arrangement, entire room dedicated fot the big golu. Very very artistic arrangement.

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Wow!!!! I 've never seen such a grand golu. Such an artistic arrangement. Thanx for sharing

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excellent all the best.

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very very good

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Amazing golu auntie!!! i hope u win- SS

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Congrats Jyothyji!!!
-Indira Sundar

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Congratulations jyothy....

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congrats dear

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there is no wonder , your artistically done golu , won the prize.Congratulations.

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Congrajulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew tht you will win it.

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Congratulations jyothy

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Wonderful jon - congrats on winning - this was a sure prize winner Smile

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Congrats on winning the contest. Please come up with more close shots of the golu..

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congratulations. It was indeed the best golu. Please post a closer view picture if you have.

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Congradulations Jyothi.

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congratulations on winning the contest....

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I guessed! Congrats!

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Congratulation. Your Golu is very nice and beautiful. And the arrangements are clear and neat.

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As expected.. congrats

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Congragulations dear.
very best golu.

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Congratulations!! Great job!

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Thank you all for your comments. I have close up pictures but not able to upload them. Can someone tell me how I can add another picture to this posting?

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Congratulations, once again! Smile
You could use the "Create topic" tab seen under "Account" from the main menu, to upload any number of pictures.

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Congrats Jyothiji. We are waiting for the close up pictures of your Kolu

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Awsome !! congratulations !! please post some close ups

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Congrats - indeed it was the best . Pl send us the close up view.

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Congrats ! you deserved it Smile

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congrats for the great effort wins.

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Congradulations for winning the contest. Deserves the prize.