Mother's Day

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I love my Mom. She has always been there for me no matter what. I might have hurt my mother some time or the other, yet she forgives me. All I have to say on Mother's Day is I love you very deeply mom, take care of your health and live a healthy life for us. I love you a lot. The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. On Mother's Day, I wish all the mothers a very happy Mother's Day. Hope you like this simple Mother's Day sketch Smile

Rangoli: Mother's Day


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Wow...push dear...such a beautiful rangoli...looks like a nib-drawing....very very apt dear....just luv those bangles, ear rings and nose-stud and bindis and sindoor in red....awesome pa...happy mother's day to u too Smile

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Congrats push darling on ur rod.... Smile

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Your sketch is very casually drawn and an apt one on mother's day.
Happy mother'sday to you too Smile
Thanks for sharing this wonderful drawing with us Smile

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I was just thinking(when i was posting my earlier comment) why it is not appearings as ROD. Happy to see as ROD when i posted my earlier comment.
Congrats for ROD Smile

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Thank you Ranima and Kala dearies Smile So glad you liked it ....

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Waw! Push, such a simple drawing, expressing lots of love from a Mother, that too for a GIRL baby!Wonderful. Smile Wondering how these closed eyes convey the love and affection of the mother. Thanks Push for sharing this.( It is the rangoli of the week I think, since for the past one week ikolam is on holiday!)

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Thank you maami... deliberately I put a girl because we are 3 daughters for my mom...

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Wow, iam stunned with your drawing. While seeing this picture, i feel as if iam hugged by my mom, So beautifully drawn. I remembered a poem read recently

Her worth is priceless
She asks not for wages
Nor for praise
But she seeks only the good in her own
Earnestly working to provide
She believes the best
Endures the bad and
Hope for the good.
Say, mother’s love is a mirror image
Of God’s love


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Lovely Pushpa. Very nice rangoli, pleasing. Congrats on ROD.

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Wow.!!!! A stunning presentation!!! It steals your heart. :love: :love: :love: Very expressive and impressive Pushpa. So aptly done for the occasion and liked your write up as well. Happy Mother's Day !!! Congrats for the ROD. Smile

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Thank you Sowmy, Nithya maam, and Chitu for your lovely comments. Nithya maam, lovely poem dear.

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avery cute and attractive perfect for the mother's day theme .

"tayiyagalu bhekilla hareyuva shamathe
yella hengasaralli adagidhe ammana mamathe

ariyalu bheku hradayada kannu
kottalu amma saviyallu sihiyada hannu

amma yendu kareyalu kanda
ododi hoguva ammanannu noduvade hondu chenda

kandanighe aadare swalpa knoovu
ammana hradayakke bittu bendida salageya kaavu

kanda nagiyutiddare
amma hrshsuvalu neeradhare

kandana holleya bavishya
horaladisutide ammana edi aayushya

kanda nondare avananu arshisalu
tanna shaktighe meeri prayatnisuthle avalu

kandanannu sari darighe taralu
mannasu gatti maadi upayogisuttale betta evalu

ammana preeti kaanadhu namaghe
kannu yeradu saaladhu addakke

kanda dodda dadanthe mareyuthanne ammana kanassu
apexisuvadilla yenannu ammana manasu

amma kalithiruvadu bare kaiyetti kodalu
beesuvadilla tanna kaiy yenannu padeyalu

beduvalu dinavidi devaralli
vidya ,buddi, aayushy ,suka -sampattu harasu nanna makkalalli

uppugintha ruchi ella
tayigintha bandu ella

yendaru namma hiriyaru
nenapidali edanna namma kiriyaru "

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Very beautiful drawing and the heart touching explanation.

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Thank you Rekha maam for the beautiful poem and thank you Ananthi maam for your comments. Smile

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Remember, every day is a mother's day Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Yes sir every day is Mothers Day but on a daily basis we never seem to say things we want to. Even if we do, it never is taken as a special and genuine gesture or feeling hence special wishes on special mother's day for a special mother Smile Smile

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Your sketch is very beautiful...i like the small girl's frock...lovely creation...congrats push.. :party: :party:

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so very lovely painting aunty Smile Smile

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soo touching and thoughtful...very much expressive...thanks sooo much. i repeat JKM Sir's words.

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Excellent work Pushpa and it is mind blowing.

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