Margazhi dew drops kolam contest 2011

indira sundar
Excellent Rajammaji..All the best!- -Indira Sundar
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Innovative as always! காலை இளவெயில் உன் கோலத்தை வருடி செல்வது மிகவும் அழகு சேர்க்கிறது!
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Lovely sikku kolam looking so cute in brown and white col combo...all d best mam...
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Splendid work Rajamma maam, such wonderful strokes, such neatness, and so well executed... as usual love ur kolam
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Wow...awesome work ....very very beautiful kolam with a very good choice of colours...all the best mam..
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Magnificent kolam. Nice idea of making the kolam big by beautiful extensions on all sides.
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There is some network problem. My comments are getting cut
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As we see the kolam, we can make out it is yours only. Great job
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
RAJJAMM "HATS OFF TO YOU" .i HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A BEA.................TIFUL RANGOLI IN MY LIFE .• ;you are already a winner do you need my vote?
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Lata only 5 stars .They deserve as much stars as present in the sky
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Kolam looks beautiful in the morning sunlight. All the Best. - Indu
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At the first look of the kolam, I thought it is a 'Ther' due to the two wheel-like corner designs. All the best.
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Kaalai Kalyana Kolam! So very lovely . Like palagai waiting for someone to sit and do pooja. Very beautiful
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hai rajamma mam, first of all i dbt whether iam qualified enough to comment on such an artistic miracle, ive already got one of ur wk with this color combo as a very precious one in my notebook, adding to the surprise u have choosed that combo and given us a gggrrrrraaaannnnddddddddd treat, all d best,
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Padma Prakash
A very beautifully excecuted simple to complex sikku kolam Rajamma mam. As usual, I was able to make out that it is yours. Great work.
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Anisha Raghunath
it looks beautiful......all the best....!!!
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 00:11 Permalink
ur kolam the colour combination and the u have finished the outer design enriches ur kolam .first class
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l ovely rajammaji. can't take out my eyes from .it. anyway the winner is------ .all the best.
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Your kolam is glowing with the white powder like sun shine on the snow. Fantstic work Rajammaji. Green and brown add beauty to that. Thangam aunty also conveyed her wishes to this pretty kolam and to You. Though i am not old enough to wish you, i would like to, All the Best. Hats off to your art and talent.
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veena manigandan
Great kolam with bright colours and the neat thin strokes are perfect. A visual treat. One doubt on Nylon podi - what is this and where this is available. Sorry i am hearing this for the first time so just curious to know?
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Such a simple chikku kolam - yet so very bright and beautiful. All the best, ma'am. -Sindhuja
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Rajamma Mam!!! Excellent sikku kolam.... All the best...
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The entire kolam looks like it is lifted off the ground - wonderful attempt Rajam - slim strokes make this look like a modern beauty - all the best
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awesome...the colors, design, decorations are perfect....reminds me of my granny's "kirishnana tottilu(cradle)" ....the nylon podi is bright and nice....thanks for the visual treat, you are the great inspiration for all of us. veena ma' bangalore we get this special white podi, which has very neat/even texture of grains and brightness..and normally called nylon rangoli pudi...may be polished version :)
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wow! excellent...very beautiful...all the best Rajam:)
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All the best! Rajammaji...fantastic creation!looks like embroidery done on a velvet cloth.crispy strokes..Hats off to your art , talent and patience
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Beautiful and bright colouring Rajam Mam. All the best. Wonderful work
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Beautiful and bright colouring Rajam Mam..excellent!!! arunasri
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veena manigandan
Thanks Anirudhji for your reply to my doubt. I will check if this is available in Chennai?
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Rajamma mam, your kolam looks like a pattu paay (silk mat) on the floor. Very innovative as always. Green line and brown lines adds beauty to ur kolam. All the beat mam. Mahalakshmi
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I'm left with no words to appreciate your wonderful work. Excellent Presentation. My wishes for you :)
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Excellent carpet !!!!! can't buy it. Superb.
Mon, 01/24/2011 - 20:21 Permalink
vey nice kolam.It reminds me of fine crochet designs .Saraswathy
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colour combination is very nice it captures our attention gr8 work just luv it anamica(daughter of vijayasaradha)
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Rajam Maam, What an Awesome Angel!!!!!!!!! The nylon powder gives a grant and bright effect for the kolam that too with good colours. Wish you all the best.
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indira sundar
Congrats Rajammaji!-Indira Sundar
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