Margazhi dew drops kolam contest 2011

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Dear All,

This is a type of sikku kolam which starts at 19 dots and ends with 10 dots and the medium of dots is middle one.

This might seems to be tedious but the concept is very simple.

Hope you will enjoy it.

with kind regards,

Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2011
Rangoli: Margazhi dew drops kolam contest 2011


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Welldone!This is the only chikku kolam I find with double lines and a 'parangi' flower at the centre indicating 'margazhi kolam'!

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broad double strokes adds a tonne applauses, al d best

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Lovely kolam in white with my favorite double stroke. Very neat and Appealing work. And nice to see the pusani poo at the centre Smile All the Best.

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Very pretty! All the best!-Indira Sundar

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beautiful double strokes.Izhai romba nalla irukku. all the best.

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Wow...sikku kolam in double strokes is too good...all d best dear....

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Excellent Double stroke sikku kolam. This i have in my book. Thanks for sharing and all the best

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Oh god can double strokes be done with such perfection, I love this and also envy u for such lovely double strokes Smile ... well done

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excellent job in double strokes...kolam has come out very neatly with these strokes...all the best...

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double lines are very beautiful,

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Your double stroke looks nice.

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flower in the center augmented your simple,cute such u r already a winner by participating.All the best bright chance of winning the contest

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Nice double stroke kolam. Neatly executed. - Indu

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A beautiful double lines kolam.very attractive.All the best .

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Excellent double stroke chikku kolam. Very elaborate and neat kolam. All the best.

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Very nice. Chikku kolam with double strokes that too with perfect strokes - hats off for your effort. The flower at the centre gives a traditional touch.

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Wow beautiful...ur strokes are gr8

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Awesome to see such a flawless double stroke chikku kolam - excellent work - all the best

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Lovely double stroke sikku kolam.All the best.

lakshmiraghu's picture

Nice double stroke kolam...all the best

bsindhuja's picture

Eye-catching!!! All the best.

brindhanagesh's picture

Very neat and perfect double line throughout the kolam makes it more beautiful. All the best.

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Neat double stroke kolam Hariniji. All the best.

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Hariniji, wow, the one and only twin ezhai kolam!
Design......A cute well known kolam design, almost all kolam lovers would have tried this once.
Dot count..... Moderately big kolam with 19-10 inbetween dots. very neatly and symmetrically put.
Drawing.... The highlight of the kolam is the double ezhai. The ease with which you have drawn this tells me you are an expert in this. It is uniform every where. It is is gliding thru the dots so nicely.
Coloring....... Thoughthese type of kolams does not require colors, just to enhance its beauty u could have drawn the borde in color.
Tha base... the floor is grey cenment one I suppose which suits podi kolam. I love the pumpkin flower sitting in the middle on the cowdung. Hats off to you for collecting it and dispaying it ... apt for the margazhi kolam.
Photography is good.
So your is a " Margazhi Panippoo kolam"

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very beautiful.. I am not sure how to do double izhai kolam.. would you mind sharing some tips.. totally amazing. Beautiful work.

Bhavani Mayilvahanan's picture

Very nice kolam , I wonder the ease of uniformity of your double lines ...... , I think u can share the technique of making uniform double lines .................. ALL THE BEST

smahalakshmi's picture

Hi, very nice kolam using double strokes. Very neatly done. All the best.


anirudh's picture

wonderful ...looks more traditional with double lines with center flower....all the best

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Lovely double stroke sikku kolam and executed wonderfully. All d best.

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bold&beautiful double stroke kolam

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Beautiful double stroke chikku kolam, n very neatly drawn !
wish u luck Smile

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Vey beautiful double storke chikku kolam

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I don't know why this kolam reminds me of "murukku" crisp and tasty.
I could feel the taste .
Congrats madam.

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neatly drawn chiku kolam that too with double strokes.