lights and petals

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About lights and petals:

Hope u all like it.

Diwali Contest 2009
Rangoli: lights and petals


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simple and nice

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Rangoli has comeout good... with steps different look....all the best

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Although I've seen this design before, I've not seen it this beautiful. You've made this rangoli really grand, and the bordering style is also very good. Great work indeed! Smile

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Looks like a big colourful flower! The steps too add a sense of proportion and balance. Could have used three more lamps inside also. Beautiful.

If you enjoy in what you do, you are certainly a winner
If you excel in your efforts, you are certainly a winner
Good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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Wonderful rangoli!

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Very pretty rangoli - the flower looks bright and beautiful. I too think you could have placed more diyas in the kolam to maintain the symmetry.... The bordering on the steps looks lovely... All the best Smile

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Simple and sweet rangoli.The stairs borders are nice

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simple and neatly done...may be borders with brown/ black/ dark blue would have been better as the flooring is light color

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Very pretty rangoli

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Simple, bright and of luck!

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nice colours and design.

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Simple but looking so beautiful.................
All the best!

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a rare five fold flower design, very well drawn.
coloring excellent, looks like painted.
outer border if in color would have added the beauty.
The diyas and the border design in the step are looking great.
photo covering the steps with cute rangoli.give the impression of inviting us to see this beauty!

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Excellent colour combination

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Excelent and perfect workwork Colour combination is also fine.

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Simple design made to look elegant with the colors... very nice

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Very neat work done with good effort.

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Very pretty! Though the rangoli is simple, the steps with curved lines and diyas add beauty!

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Nicely coloured kolam. You could have tried a bigger kolam. As MOhana sir said 3 more diyas would have added more beauty to the kolam. By the way where do you get these pink and blue shades?