Diwali Rangoli Contest 2009

Welcome to the our annual Diwali Rangoli Contest. We have received 41 submissions. All the entries submitted for the contest have been assembled in this page. The images are not grouped in any particular order. We've masked the author's name and part of the descriptions, for the time being. (After the voting is over, your images would be saved up in your gallery with your name and descriptions intact). Our contestants have shown great commitment in creating these beautiful rangolis, and we owe them all a fair voting. We would highly encourage everybody to browse through all the entries and vote for them. Click on a thumb to view the larger image of the rangoli. Right below the large image view, you will find a five star voting widget. Vote for the rangoli by clicking on the stars. The vote for a rangoli is based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars; 5 stars being the "most beautiful" and 1 being "better luck next time!". The final tally of the votes would take into account the number of votes, as well as the number of stars each rangoli gets. Your vote should register immediately. The polls will be open for 5 days. The top winner would be receiving a cash prize or a gift voucher. We thank you all for participating in this rangoli contest and wish you all the very best! May the best rangoli win... There are few entries that were not explicitly submitted for the contest. We have used our discretion to include them anyway. If your rangoli is one such and you don't want it be part of the contest, let me know. I will take it out. A note to participants: Please don't comment on your own submissions until the results are announced. This will help us maintain the anonymity of the rangolis during the voting phase. Results would be posted on Nov 10th.