Advanced chikku kolam

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Dots: 11 - 6 (inbetween dots)

This is one of my favourites too...

Rangoli: Advanced chikku kolam


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Hey Judy it looks very nice...for me it looks birds are going ringa ringa roses in the outer border....

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One of the nicest patterns. I think you'll get 18 outside patterns if you extend one more layer. The bird-like patterns are obvious (poor things don't have legs Smile The inside patterns are like the lower case letter s. How did you imagine this?

Regards! - mOhana

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Judy,your lines running non stop like the lady in the house doing morning chores, going around the family to attend their needs?
Nonel design.

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Novel design.

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Oh Wow, Judy Ma'am..... I can feel myself joining the Ring-a Ring-a Birds....

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Lovely cardinals Judy! Smile

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confusing ... i would not try this in one of my bad mood days or else this will become chalk noodles in front of the house ...

As usual excellent judy mam,


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Thank you Lakshmi..

I am honoured JKM - thanks for taking time to comment on my kolam - actually many of my kolams are derived from some base kolams which are already made by someone else - when I draw the basic kolam I always think of another other way to develop it and keep drawing alternate patterns till I am happy with the outcome.. Sometimes I come across some kolams and dont like a particular section of the kolam, I try and change it to suit my taste and come out with new ones like this one...

Rajamma your imagination has no limits - now I am looking at this kolam with a different pair of eyes Blum 3

Thank you Purni, Vani and Lata Smile

Gowri I wouldn't mind seeing that chalk noodles kolam too (lunch time now na so feeling hungry thinking of noodles) - anyway waiting to see your creation soon Smile

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Oh god very much confusing....."how to start mmmmmm"
(after 2 hour........)"i am completed wrongly"...this is my experience judy madam..
Thank you judy madam very nice kolam but difficult to me ...

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Keep on trying Radha and I am sure you will complete it correctly....