Kuzhal samples

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1. 4 Lines - The normal kuzhal which I use reguarly. Outer lines enhanced by freehand.
2. 8 Lines - Can be used for bigger designs.
3. 4 line one - Inner line enhanced.
4. 4 Line - The type we get in Chennai. No enhancement done.
5. Curly Type - Can be used for borders
6. Floral design - Can be used for borders

All these kuzhals are available in the shops near temples (eg. Kapaleeshwarar, Parthasarathy, Siva Vishnu etc.)

Rangoli: Kuzhal samples


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Dear Birntha,
the kulal is not atall necessary for you.
We enjoy your original Rangoli made by your artistic hand.

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thanks brinda...for ur display of kuzhals and their designs...for d curly design i thought u were using a normal kuzhal...d first one but shaking it a bit so as to get that curly effect...nice to know..btw did u buy all those kuzhals from chennai...then from which area u got it...pl let me know.....

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Thanks for sharing,brinda

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Nice display of ur secrets. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your magic wands with us, Brindha Maam...
Is there any difference do you find in using roller no.1 and no.4, regarding the free flow of kolapowder? Again repeating Rani's Question Where are these available in Chennai?

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Sorry didn't read your last line in your intro' about the shops.. Is kuzhal no.1 available there?

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Rani, i mentioned about the availability in the description itself, but again for you, it is available in the shops near kapaleeshwar temple, Parthasarathy temple and Shiva Vishnu temple in T.Nagar. (Giri traders in Mylapore). Now-a-days we get the plastic cover only as shown in pic.-4. the 1st and 2nd are the old kuzhals but they don't make any difference.

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like vinci i too didn't see ur last lines...thanks anyway...i shall try to get those in d available places as u have mentioned...thanks again...

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But I still think you should have given us the kuzhal you brought to the meet that day Brindhu dear Blum 3 So nice to see the rishi moolam of your masterpieces Biggrin

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Brindha, thanks for sharing the details. Kuzhal paadhi, kai vannam Paadhi, you are an expert and you have inspired so many.rajamma

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Brindha maam tx for sharing these lovely designs and kuzhals for us...

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thanks for sharing brindha mam.very nice nice ktty kuzal design kolam.

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Even though I have all these rollers, I use only the straight one(number 1) for all my kolams. I get the wavy pattern by slightly giving small twists.

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Thank yu brinda for the demonstrations f different khuzal used in kolam designs .Ammu thank u for giving me this link

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Nice to know all the Kuzhal patterns available with u. Also thanks to Rani for sharing this link.