Radha Krishna

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Rangoli made at our office as diwali celebration.Simple rangoli color r used.


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Features are very well

Features are very well matched and nice choice of colours too - beautiful Smile

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Bonjour Shalini, Very nice

Bonjour Shalini,
Very nice to see the Jodi in different color and costumes. Excellent drawing and colour selection .Also the background very soothing to eyes .Congrats!

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lovely creation...

lovely creation...

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Facial features are well

Facial features are well etched with a soothing background.

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I agree with Vinci's

I agree with Vinci's comment. Enjoyed the facial features and the colors used. Beautiful work. Smile

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Good attempt.

Good attempt.

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very nice coloring

very nice coloring

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radha looking lik meera

radha looking lik meera bhai?

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Beautiful Radha and Krishna.

Beautiful Radha and Krishna.

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Looks so lovely. Mahalakshmi

Looks so lovely.


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Good attempt!

Good attempt!

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Lovely rangoli...

Lovely rangoli...

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Beautiful rangoli...d facial

Beautiful rangoli...d facial features and d peacock feather r so lovely...

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Very lovely Radha & krishna

Very lovely Radha & krishna