Kumil Kolam

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Lata mam, this the picture for that kumil kolam. Please upload this also.

Rangoli: Kumil Kolam


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Suganthy,excelent...please share the secret..

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Suganthy, excellent!!except the flowers in the border i don't have a clue with what you made this MASTERPIECE(kolam,embroidery or a mat??!!)still guessing.could you please tell me the secret:)

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This looks like a cross-stich mat embroided, placed on the floor, decorated with flowers on the sides. looks good

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Suganthy, unless and until yuo give the full details I am not going to comment.

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use cross stich design for this.just takae a chart paper & draw 1 inch squares.then place the kolam powder in ecah squares.

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Romba porumaisaalithaan neengal! Ivvalavu squaraiyum porumaiya, azhaga, uniforma pottu irukkeenga. Ungalukku enudaiya vanakkangal.

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Suganthi aduatha naal indha rangoliyai kalaika eppdi manasu varum???

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Suganthi, Still it is not clear how to fill the kolam/rangoli powder in each square evenly!
Please attend our Chennai meet and give a demo!

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mind blowing mam

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It is very nice and beautiful.How long will you take to finish this ? one should have patience to make this wonderful design .please tell me the making of this design.i am very eager to learn from you.

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First we have to draw 1 inche squares in the chart paper.then using crosstich design we have mark it wit colour pens.And last we have fill the marked place with respective colours.we sholud fill the colours by folding ur hands & relise the powder slowly..nearly it will take 3 hrs on first try,later it will be practised,we can complete it within 1 hr....to look more embossing we can use kolam stone(available in our town.it will b as like as kolam powder only but powder particals will b somewhat large).


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Wow !!!!!

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Awesome! it looks like cross stitch embroidering .keep it up

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Superb Suganthy i liked very much