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About Navaratri:

This kolam is created today. Dot count 11 to 1 straight dots

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Navaratri


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Ms.Kameswari, your rangoli is very pretty! Nice bold colors. Smile

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Thank you lathaji! We get shining colours in Hyderabad during Diwali/Pongal.

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Very Bright & Beautiful Rangoli, Kameswari Ma'am....

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wow!! excellent rangoli,orange &green colour looks bright.

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wonderful kameswari.looks like a glass painting.

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Wow those flourescent colours give it the effect of a stained glass painting - Kameshwari this is really good Smile

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Purniji, Lakshmiji, Subhashiniji, Judelinedji ! Thank you. Colours are suggested by younger daughter Amogha aged 6 years

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Kameswatiji, beautiful design, colorful rangoli. I liked the way u avoided using white outlines.It is a pleasure to involve the children in putting colors no?If u have done some alteration in the outer green design it will look like a bunny rabbit and Amogha(nice name) will enjoy it more.

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really it looks like a stained glass painting... great job ...

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Colourful beautiful rangoli mam..