Krishna jayanthy spl kolam

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Hello friends...Happy krishna jayanthy to all...hope you like this simple kolam done by me on this auspicious day...another happy news is this is my 600th kolam that I am sharing here...thank u Lata, Ikolam and Friends for all your encouragement Smile Smile

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Krishna Janmastami 2012
Rangoli: Krishna jayanthy spl kolam


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My my! What to say...thanks so much! Rangoli is awesome, and thanks a ton for being my friend, Your Highness! :bigsmile: May your count of 600 keep growing and growing and growing...indefinitely. :love:
I also took my own time to admire your friendship rangoli as well. :beer:

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Thank u dearest Boss...thanks again Smile

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wonderful raNiji ... congrats for reaching 600 kolams .... wish the count keep growing...growing...growing...growing...growing...growing......
:star: :star: :star:

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wowww congrats for reaching 600 kolams :beer: awesome kolam paa Dirol

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Thanks a lot anirudh and sugu for ur very encouraging words Smile Smile

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Double congrats Rani :party: Smile ...thank you and wish you the same...beautiful kolam looks grand...keep it up..waiting to see more and more creations...

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wow congrats on ROD rani :party: :party: :party: :party:

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Thank u laksh :bigsmile: and sugu Smile

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wow!excellent.very clean & neat.mam it looks like a painting.i think u pasted a sticker in center.looks nice & good.

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Thank u raji,yes it is a wallpaper downloaded from net and pasted pa Smile

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Congrats Congrats Congrats RAni, keep placing feathers like this on your crown. Thanks for sharing so many kolams with us. For every century you should give one party. so :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: and congrats for ROD title also. Lovely and beautiful kolam. :love: you.

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Thanks padma...tell me when is ur chennai trip..then we will have a grand party Wink Smile

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hats off to you mam. very very very very nice rangoli this also. what is that keeping in middle whether tiles or paper print of what mam?

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Thanks a lot is a wallpaper downloaded from net dear Smile

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Nice kolam

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Congrats Rani on your 600 milestone and ROD. Kuttikannan must be happy to present in this beautiful kolam.

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Thank u priya senthil and chiths dear for enjoying this kolam Smile

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Seeing the blue base I thought it was Lakshmi's kolam! Rani, Congrats for your great enthusiasm!

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Congrats for reaching 600 kolams Rani ma. This kolam looks very beautiful and the center Krishna too.Hats off to you.each and every collections of your kolams are very neat and simple and good.No words to wish you we all eagerly waiting to see more on your kolam i wish you all success to continue the same....! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

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Ayyo push darling...why is it missing...d word that pesanjifies my aavi Blum 3 (touches my soul)...that too in this spl do something to fix it...ASAP Biggrin Biggrin

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Aiyoo Ranima,,, naan oru periya mental, daadhi (stupid), I actually didnt understand what you mean :Sp ...what is the word that is pesanjifying your avvi dear

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Habbaada....i got it in this comment....thanks for fixing it pa .... :bigsmile: Wink adhu thaan pa...ur ranima was not in ur ALL-CAPS comment...thats what i mentioned...hehe Blum 3

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AIYOO MURUGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! RAAAAAAAANIMAAAAAAAAA Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin This was pesanjifying your aavi but my mandai (brain) was kasakified thinking what i didnt understand :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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Blum 3 Wink :bigsmile: :love:

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Waw! 600 kolams! congrats for hitting 6 centuries.Hope and wish many more will folllow.Rani this one is very cute and neat. Vishnu chakkarams are very pretty, look like stencil work.The photo color adds the beauty. Wink

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woooooooooooooooooooow rani congrats,all ikolam friends wishing you many............more centuries,excellent freehand kolam with mayakkannan. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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congrats for reaching 600 kolams.wishing you to cross many more centuries kolams.Great achievement.

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Congrats for your 600th rangoli and ROD rani ma ...Chakaram and thilakam, Your rangoli itself remembers me Lord vihnu who is all to me......Excellent rangoli....Vast differences between your earlier rangolis and your latest 600th rangoli..Ikolam has improved your creativity and perfection in the rangolis very much...Thank you very much to ikolam boss for showing us such a talented woman like you..... :party: :love: Angel :star:

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wow really nice one superb one and gud one. awesome Blum 3 Blum 3 Blum 3

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Thanks a lot jaya mam, sadana dear,push darling, bala,rajamma mam, ananthi mam,vidhs dear(u r 200% correct pa...about my improvement)and priya for ur encouraging comments Smile

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congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,,, rod,,, 600th,,,to our queen of kolam and ikolam,,,,perfect palich painting is this dear,,,

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Thanks a lot uma dear Smile