Kolam on the terrece

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It is one more wet maavu free hand kolam put on the terrece against heavy wind in a cloudy morning. Could not wait till the kolam is fully dried since it looked anytime heavy rain will come.So simple kaavi podi came handy to decorate the otherwise simple kolam.

Rangoli: Kolam on the terrece


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Impressive Design and Pattern... The kaavi fillings, the outer border, especially the dots add extra charm to the kolam.
Looks like a rangoli drawn around Tulasi Brindavan to me..

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beautiful padi kolam with d outer border to add to its beauty rajamma mam...now this very second I want to try this on d floor with kolam maavu...thanks for such a beauty...

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Attractive design.....Kaavi and the outer border enhances the beauty.......mam

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very pretty kolam. very very nice.

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Fantastic, pretty n a very beautiful wet maavu kolam. The outer and inner design, kavi filling and the white dots has made the kolam attractive. On the terrace also you have tiles. good one.

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Lovely kolam as always Rajam. I just love your spirit - the way you want to put kolams inspite of the threatening rain - great Smile The kaavi makes the entire kolam look pretty. Nice contrast effect the floor is giving too Smile

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Great the background enhances the beauty of the kolam

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Beautiful design, the kaavi against the background colour gives good contrast and the entire kolam is very pretty with your special touch.

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Very Nice Maakkolam & the outer design is very pretty.

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Nice design Rajamma mam. Kavi koduthadhu nalla irukku. dry kolapodiyil nanum try panni parkiren.

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Fantastic, pretty and a very beautiful maa kolam.kaavi gives grand look to this

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so very beautiful

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Thank u all for the nice comments. The terrece is having the tiles which are smooth and sloppy. So wet maavu kolam also takes its own course if the maavu is dilute. Kolapodi will be flying before putting itself due to wind.Cloudy Bangalore weather always threatens of rain and hence I have to hurry thru kolam putting and donot get the satisfaction.

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அழகான கவிதை போலே இருக்கிறது உங்கள் கோலம் .

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very nice one...looks as if you have taken your tulasi madom to your terrace......kavi combination adds to the beauty of this maa kolam...kangalukku virundhu...