Kaattu poo/ three petal flower.

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Lata, my neighbour who is very good in drawing and art works, started putting rangolis. when I saw this in front of her house, I told her about our garden and she was too happy to send this entry. Her name is Anushree. Since the flowers and the butterfly were cute I thought of sending it. You can decide whether to add in our garden or putit in the normal kolam place.

Rangoli: Kaattu poo/ three petal flower.


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rajammaji ...convey my appreciations to yr neighbour for her lovely kolam...

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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Anushree! Smile

Loved your delicate red and yellow wild flowers, and the blue butterfly. Thanks for sharing your work here with all of us. And, thank you Rajam for encouraging and uploading. Smile

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So sweet of you Rajam - talent should be appreciated wherever it is. Good work Anu - delicate and very neat Smile

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simple and cute rajammaji.convery my wishes to yr neighbour.

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Pretty picture Anu maam... Maami convey our regards to your neighbour

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Nice design, looks like bouganvilla to me. Why is the butterfly running away from the flowers?

Regards! - mOhana