Rangoli colored with salt

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This rangoli was made by a few participants of a rangoli competition, held in California a few years ago. It was held for a fund raising event, and actor Mr. Madhavan was the chief guest in it.
Please share your ideas/experiences of coloring rangolis with salt.


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yes,very very salty

yes,very very salty butterfly.My office premises in ground floor which is given to rent for some paper printing firm used to make big rangoli with salt during dasera . Indeed it looks very nice. As mentioned by jude it used to give glittering effect with sun rays .I always used to stand there for few minutes to enjoy the beauty but never seen them doing as they use to do in the nighttime. Next time I will click the photo without fail

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It looks nice.yes sumathi my

It looks nice.yes sumathi my mom/mother-in-law also told the same.

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Nicely done Lata!!

Nicely done Lata!!

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Looks like a turkey mat.Good

Looks like a turkey mat.Good work.My mother doesn't encourage us to do salt rangoli.The reason she says is, salt is supposed to be associated with Goddess Lakshmi and so she is against the idea of using it on the floor which is later going to be swept away.

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But sometimes while mixing

But sometimes while mixing or filling, the salt makes small cuts in your fingers and it burns when the salt gets in the wound..

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This texture formed by salt

This texture formed by salt looks so good Lata..

I remember about 6 or 7 years ago, our entire family (my husband's side) of about 15 of us went to Ooty on Pongal (because that was a very long weekend of 5 days holiday). The previous night my niece, Anita and I put a simple (but big) rangoli and filled it with salt mixed with colour powder. We left early next morning and when we returned we were surprised to see the road had a lovely tatoo of the design we made before we left. The mobile ironing man said that the rangoli was outstanding when the sun came up and made the salt glitter like different coloured gems on the floor.. As the sun made it to the peak the salt started melting which gave it a watery look and after the salt evaporated this tatoo was formed on the road which lasted for more than 5 days.. Pity we were not around to see this lovely sight and hence could not take a picture of it to share with all of you - but seeing this I am reminded of that incident.. Thanks Lata for reminding me of that trip - which was wonderful..

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Lata,Coloring with salt is

Lata,Coloring with salt is very nice. It is easy to fill with rock salt. Takes less time in filling and Gives a velvet finish to the rangoli(or rangolam?). But preparing the salt with color takes time.
By the way Madhavan is my favourite.( my son's name also Madhav).
This salty butterfly is very tasty.

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wow nice work viji

wow nice work