Happy Valentine's day

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About Happy Valentine's day :

Hi friends Happy Valentine's day to you all.This is a free hand rangoli...enjoy the day heart fully..

Freehand Rangoli
valentine 2011
Rangoli: Happy Valentine's day


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extraordinary pink carpet with pretty red hearts, flowers, windows,,this reminds me of d song en veetu thotathil poovelam kettupar enn veetu jannal kambi....... he he he

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Great carpet for lovers ma'am! The blue flowers add a nice contrast to the pattern. After drawing this, do you have any energy left to celebrate the day Smile Happy Valentine's Day!

Regards! - mOhana

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Awesome creation lakshmi....d pink and red col combo is too good...yes uma ...correct song pa....but laksh doesn't see any movies ...so bad she can't enjoy d song with us....

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Very nice carpet design... Red n pink combo is very cute... especially the window design is very nice....

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Beautiful valentine day carpet and your profile photo too...

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very pretty Lakshmi.

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asusual lovely treat from u!!!- suguna murugesan

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Superbly created rangoli in pink and red color combination..looks so romantic:)

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WoW!! Hearts stealing my heart Smile Lovely display Lakshmi. The Pink and Red are tickling my hormones ;0 On the top the check design looks as if the pink squares are placed on the carpet. Beautiful creation, And how was the celebration?

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Lovely profile picture.

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Excellent pink carpet with red hearts,lakshmi.

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happy valentine's day lakshmi

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Pretty Pinky rangoli with so many hearts!The real rosed add the charm. Thank you for the lovely colorful wishes.

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A shocking pink and red romantic rug - Wow Laks, hats off to this superb creation. More than the hearts I love that checked design very much as it is too neat... Thanks for the wishes and same to you..

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Laxmi maam are we Mr&Mrs shetty is invited to catwalk on this beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatiful carpet.OMG Laxi maam u look so graceful, elegant my…my… u have already scored 100 points for posing with red silk sari .Congrats !Nazar na lage .Pl.send this sari to me even i want to clik one photo with red sari .But what about blouse whether it will fit .....doubtful .Lataji,whether marroon sari will do ?

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Thanks for the wishes and wish you the same, Lakshmi. Your Valentine carpet is breath-takingly beautiful!! The little pink hearts inside the red hearts are very cute. Thank you again for the HEARTY treat!!

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Beautiful design and a wonderful creation of yours. Looks great.

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Aha yenna oru azhagu pa idhu (what a beauty this is). Laks excellent work dear... everyone makes windows on the walls, ur doing windows on the floor he he ... excellent work

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Hiya laks, now only i can view ur photo pa... looking very pretty pa but also look like a strict school teacher.

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hi friends many many thanks for u r encouraging comments..mOhanaji hehhe...Rekhaji..iam in the courier office...(saree is on the way)Push.hahahah (windows on the floor...) ah!! strict school teacher?? u r my first student....!!!

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laksh did u see ranis profile foto(latest)?

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wow...rosey carpet with red hearts....very nicely layed out......definitely its wonderful day lakshmiaware.

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yes pushpa why?? hmm some thing is there i think....let me go and recheck....hahaha

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oh!! yes uam!! Y??.let me go and recheck..sorry push...

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I fully agree with laxmi, u may not believe i have also made comment on the strict look of ur’s and then deleted .Infact i was afraid that all these time i was pulling ur leg .Now tell me can i continue doing so.......thank you i received and clicked the pic and already uploaded in cafe ...

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Rekha you are welcome to pull my legs and be ready i will also pull the carpet!! heheh..let us enjoy... this will definitely bring us closer....

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please don't pull the carpet i am in saree ........

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awesome !!!!lovely !!!! your rangoli will steal all viewers hearts. Hats off!!!!!