Goddesses rangoli for Navratri Golu

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About Goddesses rangoli for Navratri Golu:

durga lakshmi saraswathi kolu kolamRangoli Freehand Rangoli: kolu kolam by Durgadeviramesh

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Rangoli: Goddesses rangoli for Navratri Golu


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I know it is very difficult to draw in rangoli this type. You did justice in drawing the faces so beautifully(similing). Please take one god or goddess and draw fully from top to bottom.

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thank u so so much ragharadha madam i draw
krishna sivan lakshmi in competition and festivals
but i miss photo.surely i draw one god still after
2 weeks because of annual exam but it is not so
good compare to u ragharadha madam :love:

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Smiling face so nice.. super!!!

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Super!! Those smiling faces are sooo lovely!!! Smile Smile :love: :love: