Freehand peacock rangoli.

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About Freehand peacock rangoli. : PRINT

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Freehand peacock rangoli. by vasumathy sathish

Freehand Rangoli
Rangoli: Freehand peacock rangoli.


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Happy.friendship day to all
ikolamites. :love: :love:

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Wow :exmark: :exmark: :exmark: What a lovely picturisation of a peacock...
Bright in red too. Awesome :love:

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Thanks abhi mam :love:

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Happy my dear friend, as we are combined as friends by ikolam and sharing our joyful comments. Smile Smile Smile
Thanks to Lata mam & my greetings to her too Smile Smile Smile
very lovely disign you had done. Smile fine :star: :love: Smile

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Thanks revathy mam

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The different color given adds so much of beauty to the peacock & it shows the bright & bold friendship. :bigsmile: Isn't it :quest: Smile

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Thanks Radha mam :love:

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Wow so beautiful design...that too stunning bright red color emanating ur love n passion.thank you for this lovely treat mam.
:love: :bigsmile:

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Thanks kavitha mam :love:

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:quest: :quest: Searching for words..... :quest: :quest:

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Thanks Netra mam :love: