Freehand Kolam

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Hai to all....hope u like this another freehand rangoli done with recycled colours ...u can also try it by keeping 5dots-3 times and 3 dots-1 time...eagerly waiting for ur views....

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Rangoli: Freehand Kolam


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wow! fantastic swasthic kuzhal kolam. neat and beautiful recycled colour Smile

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Thanks sugu for d filter coffee comment... Smile

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mam to comment i must be well versed so no comments no words for ur work :bigsmile:

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what a sweet cute kutti kolam,, at times more than bigger kolams these kutties bag a tonne more applauses,, fantastic rani

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dancing diyas looks nice Smile

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How well you draw using the kuzhal Ranima... superb pa, cute one Smile

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very nice and beautiful one.

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Very very perfect one!!! That colour looks very nice Rani. Smile

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very very cute and very very neat.Real deepam and kolam deepams both are very very good.{veri, veri kolam veri}{ first I read lata's comment like this.Veri veri kola{m} veri to whom?.I thought lata mention someone about their interest on making kolams.May be it's rani. Biggrin

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Thank u tara, uma,laksh, push, priya, sowmi, and suba...(suba...idhu too much pa...a new dimension to kola veri song aah... Biggrin ) Smile

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rani, naan summa solla villai.After seeing this kolam ,I think my thought is cute diyas .I love your gundu diyas very much pa. :love: I wonder how you create such different kolams.

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Thanks again suba dear...after my recent kutty kolams getting more appreciations...i am inspired in trying all my tiny collections(within 5 dots only) as kuzhal kolams...thats all pa... Smile

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Swastik and Diya pattern are very nice.

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Thank u veena mam... Smile

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Wow, Rani, This looks very nice pa. A single Diya on the middle of the Swasthik adds more beauty to your kolam.

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Simply Superb Rani.....

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Thank u maha and padma... Smile