Dotted Kolams

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Dot style of the first kolam - Put dot 5 for two lines. Then 3 dots, and one dot above and below.

Dot style of the second kolam - 5 to 5.

Third kolam is Krishnar Chadhankai. It should be put on Krishna Jayanthi day.

Dots for the fourth and fifth kolams are 5 to 5.

Name of the sixth kolam is Hrudhaya Kamalam. It is very auspicious kolam. It is a belief that if you draw it daily for Goddess Lakshmi and pray, you will get success in your life.

The last one is border kolam.

Rangoli: Dotted Kolams


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Hi Visalakshi, thank you so much for providing all the dot sequence and the kolam is really helpful.