Diwali Rangoli - contest-2009

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About Diwali Rangoli - contest-2009:

In our colony, the flat owners association celebrated Diwali and conducted rangoli competition.I put this rangoli and since it was put on 18th october 2009 for diwali celebration by me I am sending this for ikolam Diwali rangoli contest.

This is a dotted rangoli and the dot count is 15 to 8 inbetween dots and 3,2,1 on all six sides.
I used white rangoli powder to draw the design and used color rangoli powder to fill the design. Ofcourse little diyas kept to welcome Diwali.

Diwali Contest 2009
Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli - contest-2009


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Very nice... the black background gives it a computer kolam effect...

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shades & effects is excellent... all the best

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Colours are really bright. The strokes you used for colouring gives a different glassy look.

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Beautiful and brightly colored rangoli! The basic pattern is very nice, and the shaded-coloring adds to its beauty.
(On a separate note, could you please take a minute to respond to my email? Thank you Lol

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Very beautifully executed. Looks like a quilt to me. The fine shades of colour the design has gives it the look of a painting. One little thing, for those blue cubes, a white line could have been drawn to give them a three dimensional look. By chance it happened for those in the east and west (due to the tiling of the floor). Very good work.

If you enjoy in what you do, you are certainly a winner
If you excel in your efforts, you are certainly a winner
Good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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very nice rangoli.I could not move my eyes. shaded effect is attractive.

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Excellent kolam. The way you have shaded the colours gives the kolam a lovely texture effect.... Bright and bold I must say... All the best Smile

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the textured coloring method is simply beautiful.....nice geometric design

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Happy diwali

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Woh! Beautiful and all the colors stand out on the black background. keep up the good work n all the best!

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Excellent kolam,nice shading effect.

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Beautiful kolam with good symmetry and nice shading.........................all the best!

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really looks very bright and beautiful ..nice effect.

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Excellant use of colors with nice designs.....

All the best!

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Fantastic and shaded colouring is the beauty of the rangoli.

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wow beautiful & super colouring madam..............

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so many colourful & beautiful amendment in ikolam with in a month
and also rajamma madam kolams become day by day colourful & excellent

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Wow such an eye catching rangoli.

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Wow eye catching colors and very good symmetry. The perfection speaks for the person who has made this rangoli.

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Perfect design, brightly colored!
Your way of filling the colors differently has worked out very well! Best of Luck!

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very nice and attractive to see.

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very nice Smile

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Superb... It is so attractive.. The colouring texture is really a very nice idea.. Very beautiful..

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vvvvvery nice

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Very neat and brightly coloured symmetrical kolam.. The way of filling colour is nice.

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Wow Very bright and colours are pleasing to me.
very well done

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ur kolam is too good mami:)

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Hello friends, my heart felt thanks to all of you for having voted and for passing nice comments.
I never thought my rangoli will get this much appreciation from all of you. Infact this was done during Deepavli celebration in our community hall byme. I got a prize also.Since i came to know about the competetion at the last minute I had no time to think of a new design.Just put one of my earlier kolam .Luckily I had the color powders my son got it from US as gift for me. So put this rangoli in about 45 minutes. And sent the photo for ikolam contest also.Photograpy and the cropping (taught by my sisterinlaw Jayanthy) helped me in presenting it nicely.
So once again thanks for all you.

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45 minutes! सच्ची ? आप कहतीं हैं तो मान लेती हूँ| Smile आप तो कोलम मामी नहीं, कोलम की मालकिन (கோலம் அரசி ) जो हैं! Smile Your rangoli was one among the top five, congratulations! Smile

Your rangoli's basic pattern, your drawing style, your color scheme, your coloring style and your way of presenting it here for the contest, are all very very beautiful Kolam Mami!! So, tell me something; which shop did Mr.Madan (did I get the name right) get the rangoli powder from? I had searched high and low in many shops in our city (including the Indian stores), and I have not seen what I see in this image. Smile
What we get here in the regular craft stores, is colored sand, which is coarser, and not easy to draw with (atleast not for drawing kolam lines, may be fit for using as a filler by pouring). So pleeeaseeeee, enlighten us Kolam Mami! Smile

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wowwwwwwRajamji,such a nice kolam,u r the rangoli master also,kannai parikkudhu ponga.

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Lata, Thanks a lot for your appreciation.( which alone made ordinary kolam Payithyam like me to reach this level)Its only the enthusiasm to participate that gives the enrgy.
Regarding the color powder used, my son Madhav and daughter inlaw Swapna say that they bought it from a shop called Hobby ideas( it is there in all places).Any Hobby shops you will get it.. Its called Art colour sand.
Yes Lata, drawing lines is very difficult and while filling on a smooth surface it spreads unevenly.But I used it in the competition, (since they look bright and I had no time to prepare the ordinary color podi mixing with white rangoli powder.)Last year Diwali colmpetition also I used this only.Since the filling takes longer time I adopted this way of drawing lines for filling , though I drew thin lines it spread insuch a way giving a shaded effect.
Basically I like 2 or 3 colors only to be used for rangoli, but for a contest I realised more bright contrast colors attracts the attention of all.
Then last reguest, donot call me mami.( when I got married and entered my sasurall all my sister inlaws's children ..a dozen..in number and half of them of my age, started calling me MAAMI, till then I was only a chithi in my mother's place.Inspite of my protest they call me only Maami). But I like to be called Paatti.Both Sahana and Sashank call me Paatti and little Neel call me 'Rrrraaajam' . So simple "rajam' is enough. Ok !

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Sure, आप कहतीं हैं तो मान लेती हूँ| Smile
Convey my thanks to Mr.Madhav for the tip about the shops. I think I have a few of those sand-bottles in my kitty, but hoping to come across one with a more finer texture. Smile

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rajamma mam romba beautiful rangoli

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Thank u mam for sharing such a beautiful rangoli.... its too good.....

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Hapyy diwali Mam
The filling of colur with lines had added a three dimensional look to the kolam,very nice.

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what a beauty .Cannot express in word.Too gud...