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Curry leaves

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About Curry leaves : PRINT

Curry leaves is our family's favorite herb! It makes the Vadas (spicy doughnuts), and Adai (lentil crepe) taste delicious.

Rangoli: Curry leaves


judelined's picture

Diya this is indeed a lovely fresh green bunch of curry leaves.. The green looks really cool. The medicinal value of curry leaves are widely known to everyone I am sure. Normally everyone has the habit of throwing away the curry leaves in any dish while eating but Anita and I will never waste a single curry leaf that we come across in our food. In fact we dish out all the curry leaves and put it in our plate to eat it up. Hope to see more from you Diya Smile

dibbutn's picture

Diya lovely kolam of curry leaves and nicely blended yellow and green to give a tender curry leaf effect with mustard seeds (dots) as well I suppose!!

Rajusree's picture

Excellent work diya. The colors have blended so well and looks like fresh curry leaves for me. Well said judy maam. mostly people throw away the curry leaves. I'm the kind of person who eats all the cury leaves and i use lots n lots of curry leaves.

rajamma_2's picture

curry leaves looking very fresh. nicely colored. We too use this in almost all preparations and donot waste it. Urid dhaal vadai and avial become more tasty when curry leaves are added to themi

jkmrao's picture

Very nice work and good colouring.

Regards! - mOhana

anirudh's picture

very nice Diya...good coloring and neatly drawn.....the most needed herb for all our dishes Smile

mvrajitha's picture

Today I definitely use your curry leaves and mustard for seasoning in my cooking. I think there is no recipe without curry leaves. Very neatly drawn and the color combination is too good

brindhanagesh's picture

NEat and beautiful curry leaves kolam, Diya. I am getting its fresh aroma:)

diya's picture

thank you!!! Biggrin

Vinci's picture

It gives a soothing effect while viewing the kolam.. Neatly drawn and good shading...
As you said Vadai and Adai are incomplete with curry leaves. For me, Curry leaves goes into any dish irrespective of its recipe.