Crystal salt kolam

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Crystal salt kolam by amudha Giri


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well created with salt,,,

well created with salt,,, nice Smile

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wow!!wonderful creation with

wow!!wonderful creation with salt...beautiful...


Wow excellent salt rangoli

Wow excellent salt rangoli mam... It reminded my working days in college. For every functions held at our college we used to put salt rangoli. Thanks to rewind my past memories... Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Big smile Lovely color combination pa... Smile

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wow excellent creation

wow excellent creation Star

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Amudha, great work with salt.

Amudha, great work with salt. It looks like 'Kushboo' idlis served with coriander chutney in a plate with a cute lotus flower Wink

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Well done kolam Amudha. So

Well done kolam Amudha. So well packed with crystal salt and the lotus looks very pretty. Smile

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Bright and cute lotus sitting

Bright and cute lotus sitting on top the flower. The salt is so densely packed. Tell us something more about it. I'm yet to mix in any colors with crystal salt, so please, any tips will help. Smile

Couple of suggestions to work with your image before uploading; please crop off any presence of feet/chappals from the image. Also, this image looks too close, so some more distance between the camera and rangoli should work better. Please make sure your rangoli is centered and there is somewhat equal space all around to give it more balance. Smile
Otherwise, great work from you, and I like how you are regularly starting to treat us. Thanks so much! Laughing out loud