Colour Chikku Kolam

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Dear friends... a simple pattern converted into a complex pattern ...hope you all like this one. Your comments on this kolam Smile

Rangoli:  Colour Chikku  Kolam


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Sowmi Mam superb kolam.. Smile

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Wow...wonderfully made chikku kolam sowmi...congrats on ur always ur col combo and neat strokes r attagaasam...omg how r u able to keep such rounnnnnnd dots pa....first i have to learn d basics from u ...hehe....excellent pa Smile

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Thanks Rani...what is this :~ enkitta basics kathukanuma...enna vechu comedy kemedy onnum pannaliye?? J) Biggrin

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Then what not able to keep round dots like u which is d basic start for a dotted/chikku patience at all pa....what to do... Blum 3 :bigsmile:

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Excellent chikku kolam somi....very very neat flawless kolam...The four side designs look different and beautiful...congrats for ROD..

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Sowmy dear, congrats dear on ROD... your flawless beauty is like a peacock dancing in the rain... such a beauty dear with excellent color combo and loved the cute pattern in the corners.

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Thanks Lakshmi for selecting this kolam as the ROD. :bigsmile: Thank you Radhika, Rani, Vidhya and Pushpa for liking this kolam and leaving your comments. Smile

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Sowmya, all your kolams are "Flawless Beauties in bicolor" Congrats for getting beating with "ROD"You have combined 4 simple chikku kolams nicely and decorated with nice novel designs in the corners.

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wow sowmi, what a flawless creation. beautiful.

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wow sowmi, what a flawless creation. beautiful.

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Superb kolam..!

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Your fine curves and simple coloring make it perfect as always. Congrats!

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Congrats mam, neatly drawn and the colour combo is really superbbb . :star: Smile

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wow really nice and gud one. superb rod kolam. Smile

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Thank you all my dear friends for enjoying this kolam and leaving your precious comments. Smile

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soo neat & perfect, the crown is adding the glory :star: :star: :star:

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supero super sowmy!!!!!!!!! i love your corner designs.

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congrats sowmy...lovely creation

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congrats sowmy

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Kannula eduthu otthi vechu kalam pola irukku. Excellent Sowmy. Congrats for the ROD.