Chukki Rangoli

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About Chukki Rangoli : PRINT

This may be used for special days like Friday's. The rangoli is drawn using colour chalks.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Chukki Rangoli


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Hi Padma, nice to meet you. Smile

Chukki rangoli looks colorful, with red-green-blue colors. It should also have been a peddha chukki rangoli (by peddha, I mean big. If it means something else, I'm sorry). Smile

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Hi lata, dont worry i meant the same which was in ur mind. Thank you

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azhagana kutti kolam.

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Padma avare...ur rangoli looks very nice with check ...i will definitely recognise you with out any introduction in B'lore meet.Lata.. BIG = dhodda(dhoddadhu) in kannada.

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Let me wait and see? whether you recognise or not? or on what basis you are going to recognise me.

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super kolam

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Nice kolam Padma. Next time let us have a closer look at not only your kolam but also your border (I can see a cute border in this picture too)

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padma maam chikkadhadaru chokkadhagidhe.

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Padma maam a lovely kolam but pls why deprive us of a bigger feast to our eyes... pls download a bigger version.. we would love to have a closer look at your rangolis