Chikku kolam

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I am sure you would have seen this design of the chikku kolam done either by Rani or Veni with kolam POWDER. I did this with wet maavu in the terrece. Due to the slop in the floor I could not get the perfect ezhai. Just wanted to share with you all.

Rangoli: Chikku kolam


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Superb Rajam Mam. Looking gorgeous with kavi border and the maavu lines are bright.

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Beautifully made maa kolam...Rajam ma'm you are the queen of maa kolam.

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Oh so beautiful rajamma mam...though i have done this in my house i have not uploaded it as veni had done it...i remember....and see here i have tried one of ur maakolam with cols and waiting to share ....

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Lovely maakolam , a big kolam according to my dictionary. Your are inspiring me to try with 200+ dots Smile

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It may be drawn by others. But you give it a very different look with your creativity. Beautiful.

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big n beautiful...

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A lovely big kolam Rajammaji

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Super work mam.
It is very fine.

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beautiful!-suguna murugesan

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Very very beautiful with sharp knife borders.

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Lovely maakolam, rajaama ma'am..... with a bright, beautiful and "horny" border!!!

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Very beautiful kolam Rajamma mam.