Gift kolam

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About Gift kolam:

Hai to all...this is d gift which i am giving to all of u.. Lata and Friends who were such a sport in my guess is a 31-2 times dotted took 1-1/2 hrs to complete and i had to rush as rain god was threatening me...hope u all like this...waiting for ur views....

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Gift kolam


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wow rani....... what a fantastic kolam dear! nice colour combo. n thanks for ur love. (ungaloda anbukku alave illai!)-suguna murugesan

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W;hat a lovly gift dear .lovely design ;lovely colour combination too.looks like print .what a neat colour spreading so thin and delicate dear

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Rani neenga ipadi kalakkal kolam poduvadhaanal guess gameku nanga ready.

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Thank u suguna, rekha mam and bala ...rekha check ur mail..i am waiting for ur reply for d past 5 days...

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nice color sikku kolam ammu mam

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aaaaaaaahhhha....kalakal colourful kolam rani mam...and thank you so much for your wonderful, beautiful, colourful gift. next game eppppooooooooo...????!!!!!

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beautiful chikku kolam Rani. Thanks for ur gift.


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Rani mam thanks for your lovely kolam to ikolam viewers....... apppppppppppaaaadaaaaaaaaa you are spend more time to draw this kolam............. how is your fingers................... உங்களின் அன்புக்கு ரொம்ப நன்றி.


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what a pretty gift dear, fantastic, next gg ku nanga ready, neenga readya?

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very nice and gu done.

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yes bala..mam..Lata mam has advised us not to share any personal info will be misused...

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hai maha thanks. I don't know how to contact our friends, so that only i gave my no.Hereafter i will give mail. thanks again.

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Rani, this is your masterpiece. So fresh and neat . looks like thred work done on the floor. So making us guessing for a LOOOOOng time is compensated with this lovely kolam gift.:

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Haha...rajamma mam...was waiting since morning just for ur words...thanks a lot mam, thank u malar, vasanthi, maha, julien, uma(ready ready...ever-ready...haha...a small hint it is based on rajamma mam's comment), thanks priya and bala...yes be careful....

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lovely gift for our patience Rani.Thank you.

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Thank u suba....glad u liked this...

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Wow Rani mam, what a feast to my eyes. Such a mesmerizing beauty this kolam is dear. Wonderful colors chosen and so very neatly done. Paavam neeyenga, howz ur kai and kaal Blum 3

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Wow...fantastic kolam Rani....The blue lines looks so uniform ....achula vaarthathu pol....One of your master pieces....

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Awesome!It looks as if made of colored woolen thread!

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very very pretty kolam. the color is so differient from the colour i u mix with something. i actually asked in your earlier kolam comments. i guess u did not see the comments . please let us know . awaiting many more from u.

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Thank u push,sowmi, aditya and bharathy amma....actually u missed to see my reply about this col pdr i think amma,,,anyways...u get sand mixed col pdr near kandaswamy koil-parry's corner-chennai....if u r living in chennai pl try to get these cols...but when i went last week... d shopkeeper told that he did'nt have d stock and has given me his phone no:...i will let u know when it is ready....

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Hi rani mam, even i was inquisitive to know about the color then i thought maybe sowmy had brought it for u... hmm interesting, when i visit u i will surely tell u get me a gunnybag full of these and also the lovely kaavi color (hmm i miss ur kaavi)

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Haha....push dear...i have been using cols long before na...and sowmi came just recently to my house was so nice of her to buy me some five cols ...and u know what d texture of that podi is so so nice(soft) that i donot have d mind to use it on my cement floor...haha...only on my bb where i can reuse them again and again...sure dear...i will buy u lots of cols when u come to my house...hmmm just wait for my aadi sevvai kolam dear...alll kavi....only kaavi...haha...ur faaaaav...kavi....

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Blum 3 yeh yeh yeh good i am in for a treat then... wow waiting for the treat

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Oye push don't expect too much from me pa...just a small avasara kolam(hurry burry) with ur faaav kavi...thats all....hmmsomething for u so that u won't be disappointed....let me tell u now itself...d mango designs which i drew in that kolam are of 8 varieties i think...haha...each mango design diff from one another...haha

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mesmersing....awesome colors looks like designs on old matty cloth bag made by my mom & aunts those days. need to search her cupboard to check it again Smile

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Wow Rani mam, double treat then, mangoes in different varieties and also kaavi kolam... great!!!

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Just went to see all of jasree's(jayanthy sreedhar) kolam pa....awesome designs pa....miss her so much...thanks pa push...

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Yes Rani mam, all are works are good. I saw ur kolam yesterday... looks very nice but the kaavi is slightly different na?

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thanks for letting us know where to get the kolam powder. Will try to get from the place.