Chikku Kolam

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This Kolam was made by Mrs.Rajam at her home in Bangalore, and clicked by me when I had visited her the same afternoon, during our India trip a couple of months ago. The dots were perfect circles and the kolam looked very nice with contrasting colorful strokes. We had a good time chatting and catching up with her and her family. She also took us to her terrace where she maintains her garden. It was a spur of the moment and an inspiring meet! Smile


Rangoli: Chikku Kolam


ammuchandhini's picture excited to see our beautician's kolam after such a long time....thanks for sharing lata...congrats on rod rajamma too so happy to have met her during jaya mam's son's wedding :bigsmile: she was holding my hand all d time we were chatting and even adjusting my handbag to my shoulders whenever it slided down...i felt great... :love: :bigsmile:

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A great treat to eyes after a long time. beautiful kolam with attractive colors. Thanks for sharing

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very beautiful with colorful strokes.Thanks for sharing it lata.we came to know about your meeting,in jaya's son wedding.Really it was very nice to meet her .

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Lovely colour combination. Wish to see the terrace garden pics, if any as I am very much into it. Thanks for sharing such a nice kolam. I'm gonna try this next.

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wow.... nice kolam after long time Rajammaji

thanks for sharing Lata, sorry missed to meet you Sad .... hope for next time/year.

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Hmmm..seeing a Rajamma kolam after a long time! I am happy that she could meet many of you at my son's wedding.

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Nice kolam by Rajamma mam. Thanks for sharing Lata.

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Very happy to see Rajamma mam's kolam after a long time. Smile Very pretty and so well executed chikku kolam with her ever green magical touch. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: Congrats on ROD mam. Thanks for shring this Lata. Hope you enjoyed and had a great time Smile

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I am thrilled to read your comments.I know for sure Lata Patted me with a "ROD" just to make me active again as before.That day when she called me over the phone and chatted and asked why I am not uploading kolams I just told her my old age problems that forced me to take a break.But immediately after keeping the phone I just drew this simple chikku kolam and colored it with the available colour podi.Just when I finished it, I got an another call from Lata, with a surprise saying that she is waiting in the entrance of our Apartment complex.It was a coincidence. I could welcome her and family with a kolam.
Thanks Lata, for sharing it with ikolam friends.
Jaya gave me a good oppertunity to see so many ikolam friends in Chennai.Though the time spent was short I enjoyed it very much.sweet memories are still lingering.(Rani,century mele century adikkum unga kai sparisam kidaiththadhil enakkum sandhoshame Biggrin )
Hoping to meet you all again soon. Smile

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aapka kolam ne dil kush kar diya.buhut kupsurat hai bilkul aap ki hi taraha