Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009

Kolam done on Pongal by me.... My friends Sasikala and Swathi helped me....
Dot Pattern: 13 to 7, in between dots(sandhu pulli)
Sparkle colors were used for the big flowers...


very good and hard work

sooo colourful.

God bless her for the art

Fantastic,intricate work.Very beautiful.Keep it up.

Very nice rangoli

very good kolam viji

beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful - fantastic- worth first prize!!!!

Suuperbbbb... Wonder how long you should have drawn and coloured this... Excellent..

Wow! really pretty. What an intricate work done by you people! Good combination of colors too

fantastic colorful OVIYAM

too good

very neat rangoli

very nice & beautiful

Very nice and eye catching.. Keep it up.. and all the best.

beautiful presentation. we can feel the pain and effort taken by u to finish this kolam


very neat work.............. judy

Suuperb it looks like a carpet.

very nice and beautiful kolam. pretty colour matching. beautiful imagination

thanks a lot

beautiful kolam, and imagination also excelent,Good colour combination hats off to ur hard work

thank you very much

very nice............................ hard work......................... very colourful........................

thank you very much

Excellent work...All the Best

Extremely beautiful. The symmetry was destroyed by the colour of flowers, unfortunately. Well as the Japanese say, only God is perfect. Best of luck and regards! - mOhana

very nice kolam

very...very...nice....& colourful kolam...

Superb work . Looks like a lace table mat done with the crochquet needle

Beautiful.. Keep it up

wonderful work. I congratulate the web designer for providing such a wonderful platform. Thank you ....

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement Meena, and for taking the time to post comments for our participants!

It is mean by pongal rangoli.

its soooooooooooooo beautiful...very neatly done.excellent and very ncie combination of colors and symmetry. Great work Manivasuki. Worth getting first prize :-)

Sorry but I cant say your work is beautiful... cos the work is beyond beautiful :) .. This cant be expressed.... it is absolutely wonderful and beyond words... Great work keep it up!! Best wishes... I hope you get the first prize cos you surely deserve to... if not anything at least for the effort that has gone to do this kolam.. Keep up the good work.

It is awesome......u shud get the first prize.....

Verygood &neat work. like it sooooooooooo much.

Excellent, very good hard work. No words to say anything. simply superb. My wishes for u to get 1st prize.

Its awesome. i wish u could get first prize.

Congratulations! Your efforts and patience have won you the prize! Keep it up!

congratulation ... keep it up..

Congratulation!!! See I told you, you deserved to be the winner and I am very happy that you did win... :) all the best to you.

thank you very much

Nice work and colour combination. Hard work by you and u deserve the 1st prize

superb kannu pottachu. do put beautiful kolams like this. superb superb superb no more words to say. god bless u

great work indeed. no words to congradulate.

you deserved the 1st prize keep up the good work and keep posting more n more rangolis

well deserved

very nice kolam

Excellent work ,Congratulations to u