Bottlegourd design rangoli

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A dotted kolam with bottlegourds and a border (this was pulled from my old stack of files that was made a few years ago). Comments to improve are always welcome!

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Bottlegourd design rangoli


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Its wonderful, Lata Ma'am.... I love the borders....

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hi ma'am its so simple and cute.good work.

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Nice to see your creation for a change Lata - very cute kolam. The border creeper is nice and curvey..

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simple & easy kolam, i like borders ......only borders adds beauty to kolam & only border it looks good to any background with Tittle

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Bottlegourd surrounded by green chilli, very very tasty.

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Thank you everybody for your comments! Rajam madam, the border doesn't have any chillies, they are just pointy leaves. Smile

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Looks very sweet and cute..i like centre kolam .background also looks nice.

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I'm glad you liked it Lakshmi, thank you. Smile

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Pleasing colours and a fine effort!

Why are the top and the bottom figures together and the left and right figures are far apart? Did they quarrel Smile What could be a four-fold symmetry (90 deg rotation) has turned out to be only two-fold (180 rotation).

Regards! - mOhana

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very nice....i like those pointy leaves & the creepers...may be a little brighter green could have highlighted, but i think you wanted to match it up with bottlegourds Smile

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Lovely kolam.. what medium was used to draw this (am always as inquisitive as a cat Smile to know the different mediums that can be used to draw the kolams.)

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mOhanaji, I think I've fixed the design here:
Thank you. Smile

Anirudhji, you are right, I did want the green color to be matching with the gourds. Smile

Dibbutnji, thank you, this was done in photoshop. Smile

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wonderful creation,