Bleeding heart - Valentine Day Special!

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About Bleeding heart - Valentine Day Special!:

Happy Valentine's Day!

This bleeding heart is for you,
this pleading heart is for you,
This glowing heart is for you,
this flowing heart is for you,
This feeling heart is for you,
This kneeling heart is for you,
This loving heart is for you,
this living heart is for you!

(One of the beautiful flowers in the plant queendom is the bleeding heart.
It is either pink or white and of course its shape is in the form of a heart.
The entire card was made from the image of one of those flowers.)

Regards! - mOhana

Freehand Rangoli
bleeding hearts
Rangoli: Bleeding heart - Valentine Day Special!


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I wish there were more words for beauty, other than "beautiful", "pretty" or "prettiest" :), if I had known, I would've used them here!
Happy Valentines day to you and your family, mOhanaji!

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WOW! its so........beautiful mohanaji .

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Happy valentine's day to you also auntie!!!!

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mOhanaji, speaking about the flower that this design is based on, last year I tried growing Bleeding heart and the Chinese lanterns, but both put out only the foliage, and no flowers at all. I was back to admiring the flowers on the web, and gave up on trying to grow them in my garden. So many amazing patterns and colors have been discovered from our nature!

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Happy valentine day for u and your lovely family .Wow bleeding,pleeding ,neeling ,flowing heart everything we can see here sir. In short lovely, humble heart i can say

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This is one flower I like a lot and you have made such pretty arrangements with them I must say. The parellel design looks like a necklace while the rest look like designer earrings.