Arthi plates

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About Arthi plates : PRINT

Arthi plate with chumkis which i had done for my relative's wedding.

Rangoli: Arthi plates


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Nice chariot design Sumathi. You might have quite a collection of arthi plates by now. Smile

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Sumathi it looks very beautiful.nice idea!!!

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Nice idea Sumathi ma'am... it looks very pretty

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Yes lata ,I still have the pics of 6 plates to be sent to you

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6 more aarthi plates! Did you know that the one in this page is the 6th plate that you had uploaded? You can click on the tag, and you'll see them all! I look forward to others Smile

Speaking of aarthi, I just wanted to share with you that, the moment I try to do aarthi at my place, the smoke detector starts to go on. So, we just make do with lamps (north indian style aarthi). Smile

Reminds me of one more thing; we have to fry our applams quickly, on low fire, with full exhaust on, otherwise, our neighbor is going to think that we're experiencing some smoky disaster (because of the loud screams from our smoke-detector)!! :0

(applams: a tamil word for fried crispy savoury wafers that looks like a bigger lays-chip).

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Simple but cute. nice idea to decorate with paper cuttings ( from invitation cards?) .

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Lata,I have done some more new plates which I want to share with you.I think I already have 2 in your que

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Hey Sumathi this is really cute - nice idea too Smile

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In dimen plate it looks so nice.The red background enhanced the beauty.

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Looks very Beautiful, Sumathi Ma'am..... Sure is an Excellent Idea.......

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catchy work, what hav u used for the thaer?