Jasmine Flower from our yard

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Hi! friends I am uploading one more picture of jasmine from my yard. I am not able to upload some beautiful pictures of jasmine from our yard,because the limit for the image is only 2 MB.
Hope you all enjoy this picture toooooo.


Rangoli: Jasmine Flower from our yard


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Very nice! I can smell the Jasmine, almost. Smile
You should be able to upload the other pictures just like this one. 2mb is more than enough for a single picture and you have enough space in your account to accommodate not one or two more but many more of similar images, so please try again. Smile
Also, please try to stop by other members' works and let them know your views on thier works as well. Thanks. Smile

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Lovely picture...thanks for sharing....

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wow very nice!-suguna murugesan

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sweet smelling pure flowers

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WOOOW can i pluck some jasmines please?

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Thanks a lot for nice comments on my jasmine plant. These all jasmine plants are in pots. My mother-in-law is taking care of all these plants since more than 20 years. Now it is my turn to take care of these plants with her advise and help. Even we have curry leaves plants in pots since 20 plus years.

Lata ji , I tried to upload lot of pictures and failed ,because most of my pictures are more than 2 MB. This particular image is uploaded after copping to desired size. Thanks you very much for the nice website. I am enjoying your ikolam very much and learning from other friends at ikolam too.


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Wow, beautiful picture. I could feel the nice fragrance of jasmine.


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I feel Natural beauty of Jasmine smell ... it's very good...