Anbusangeeth's requested Dotted Kolam

Lata Thu, 09/17/2009 - 00:26

rajamma எள்ளு என்பதற்கு முன்னாள் எண்ணை என்ப்து இது தான்
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Challenge accept panni, velai mudiyumvarai thookkam, pasi irukkumaa Lata? Congrats savaale samaalitha sodariye!!!! whenever I go for a wedding, first I observe the big kolam, and copy atleast 1/4th of it which will be showing off outside the pattupai or jamakkaalam. After coming home, I used to make full drawing of the kolam, keeping the quarterkolam as guide.
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Really very happy to see this kolam with full sketch. Like this i am having few more kolams without full sketch. I need admin permission to send this one by one to get full sketch.
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You need admin's permission? You got it! :) Go ahead Ms.Sangeetha, post away, I mean, upload your rangolis, but please make sure you upload one a day. That way, things will flow smoothly, for all. Btw, Lata is admin too. I emailed you yesterday, about 22 hours back, did you get it? -Lata and admin
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