Anbusangeeth's requested Dotted Kolam

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Here is the requested Dotted kolam that had ducks and fishes.
The dot count is 21 - 11, interlaced dots (idukku pulli).
I quickly drew this diagram to show the dots and the basic patterns, that fits within the grids.
I'll upload the printable version of the dots separately, so that anybody could take a print out and try it out.

Rangoli: Anbusangeeth's requested Dotted Kolam


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Ellu enbadharkku munnaal ennai enbadhu idhu dhaano?Very fast work Lata!

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எள்ளு என்பதற்கு
முன்னாள் எண்ணை என்ப்து இது தான்

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clap clap clap clap Smile

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Lata that was a standing ovation Smile

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wow!! hats off to Lata...great!!!!

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Challenge accept panni, velai mudiyumvarai thookkam, pasi irukkumaa Lata? Congrats savaale samaalitha sodariye!!!!

whenever I go for a wedding, first I observe the big kolam, and copy atleast 1/4th of it which will be showing off outside the pattupai or jamakkaalam. After coming home, I used to make full drawing of the kolam, keeping the quarterkolam as guide.

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very great latha.

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Thank you all for your cool comments, is very encouraging! Smile

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Really very happy to see this kolam with full sketch. Like this i am having few more kolams without full sketch. I need admin permission to send this one by one to get full sketch.

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You need admin's permission? You got it! Smile
Go ahead Ms.Sangeetha, post away, I mean, upload your rangolis, but please make sure you upload one a day. That way, things will flow smoothly, for all.

Btw, Lata is admin too. I emailed you yesterday, about 22 hours back, did you get it?

-Lata and admin