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in-between dots 13 - 7

This is one of my favourite kolams with has both chikku and poo kolam combined.... i have given different colours for the connecting lines respectively and i am sure this will make it easy for people who are learning to draw kolams.

Rajamma - this is based on your advise... thanks for giving me this idea because many times i used to get confused while drawing these chikku kolams on the continuity of lines etc,here is an easy way out...

Dotted kolam
connected and around
Rangoli: Advanced Kolams


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Beautiful dotted kolam, and colorful too. Ladies and gentlemen, Judy is on a roll! She has taken over our rangoli queue!

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Judy, Konnuttinga, Indha screenai vittu poga manase illai.

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enna oru screenla irukkave vida maatengraange madam, judyiyum, jkm sir um! Nambe queue hanumaar vaal madhiree poyite irukku Smile

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Not only very beautiful, but also highly educative.
Take the negative of this, you'll get it on a white background.
You know the beauty of this type of rangOli is that there are countless ways
of drawing with the same number of dots, etc. It is like the same water in
different pots. Wonderful! Regards! - mOhana

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Judy, it looks like Bride !! I am just thinking to move from floor drawing to PC drawing after see your creations.

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Judy madam very nice. is this drwan in Photoshop or Paintbrush?

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Judy i like this

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thank you lata.... actually it is you who has brought out this craving to show my collection of kolams through your website - and that too, to people from different parts of the world - can't believe it myself... u wont guess how grateful i am to you for bringing out the best in me... get prepared to be loaded with more and more kolams from my collection....
rajamma romba nandri ungallukku.......
rightly said jkm there are countless kolams with same dots.. more to come...
thank you lakshmi and brindha
and indira it is done on photoshop........