Sankranthi Rangoli

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dot count is 17 to 1 straight line dots. We made this rangoli on sankranthi

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Sankranthi Rangoli


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I like the structure of this rangOli. The background is simply marvellous.
However, I am not so sure about the colour of birds.

Regards! - mOhana

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I love the colors of these birds! Such bold and bright colors. Sometimes, it is fun to color the different parts of the rangoli with different colors. Smile

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Colour full birds looks nice.

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Beautiful Sand background.... colourful birds enjoying the sun.... very nice Sarala Ma'am..

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Namma viruppam pole birds ella colours leyum paakka ikolam is helping.Nicely drawn and colored.

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thanks everyone

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When I see these bright colours I cant help connecting to Brindha and her lovely collection of colour podi.. I just love these colourful birds - they are so lovely Sarala.