Ganesh with Swan and Peacock, Diwali 2016

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About Ganesh with Swan and Peacock, Diwali 2016 : PRINT

I have done this Rangoli after 2 years as a family we didn't celebrate Diwali for 2 years.
Hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed doing the RangoliRangoli freehand: Ganesh with Swan and Peacock, Diwali 2016 by Sandeep

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Rangoli: Ganesh with Swan and Peacock, Diwali 2016


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GaneshJI looks Smart, while swan and peacock look Beautiful. Smile

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Very beautiful rangoli, loved the expressions of Ganesha Smile

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Excellent!! Smile :love:

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It is so good to hear from you! And so nice to have a chance to look at your rangoli, yet one more time this festival season! We are big fans of your Ganeshji-rangolis Smile
Every part of this rangoli is admirable. Thank you for the Diwali wishes! Wish you and your family a happy diwali too. Smile

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Thank you Lata
Ganeshji is my favourite Indian deity. Though I don't know his full story,I guess one day I will check it up online. I guess you all are in the US election fervour, even I'm engrossed in it.

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Yes, you could say that...just a matter of few more days I guess. Smile